When should you hire a chauffeur?


When should you hire a chauffeur? The real answer is more often than you think of using them. For example, chauffeurs shouldn’t only be an option when you’re sending kids to prom or being taken to your wedding in style.

Your Customers Are Arriving 

Do you want to impress your clients? Arrange for a chauffeur to pick them up. You’ll demonstrate that you care about their safety and convenience when you do so. You’ll reduce the stress they face navigating their way from the airport or train station to their destination, whether it is a hotel or your facility. Go ahead and have a hired driver like Van Marle Chauffeurs pick up your clients at their hotel and bring them to your office. You know they won’t get lost or be late. You’ll lead them to think favorably of your firm. And that increases the odds of making the sale.

You’ll get extra points if you hire a driver to pick up job candidates or interns. Nothing says you celebrate diverse candidates or value a potential new hire by giving them the VIP treatment. And that positive first impression is hard to beat. Consider it a marketing expense. 

You’re On a Business Trip 

Hire a chauffeur when you’re on a business trip. Let someone else take responsibility for driving you from point A to point B. You don’t have to add the hassle of renting a car or finding a safe taxi to get you to your destination.

Business women  in chauffeur driven car

You won’t waste time waiting for someone to pick you up. When you’re in the vehicle, you can prepare for your meeting or catch up on calls. Remember that rules against texting and driving or talking on the cell phone only apply if you’re the driver. If the chauffer is driving, there’s no issue with you working on your laptop during the commute. 

You’re On Vacation 

You’d be surprised how many family vacations go awry because of transportation logistics. It can be hard to get the family loaded into the minivan. If you’re driving, you’re probably not able to take in the sights or answer questions. You might get lost or fail to get to a location in time to enjoy the event.

Two women  in chauffeur driven car

If you hire a chauffeur, someone else is responsible for showing up and delivering you to your destination. They’ll probably know more ways around town than you do, ensuring you get to the orchestra or amusement park regardless of the traffic jam on the highway. 

Chauffeurs can be of assistance in other ways, too. They can help people who have physical limitations get in and out of the car. They’ll carry their luggage, too. Now you don’t have to worry about helping Mom in and out of the car, and a professional can install the kids’ booster seats, too. 

You’re Going to Go Out Partying 

Far too many drunk driving accidents occur because there is no designated driver. If you hire a driver, you have someone who is committed to remaining sober and being a safe driver. Furthermore, you’re not going to force one member of your party to stay sober while everyone else is drinking. 

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