How To Make The Most Out Of Your Garden In Winter

Garden with falling snow, purple heather in a plant pot under yellow rowan leaves

With the days getting shorter and darker days it can seem like winter is not the best time to enjoy your garden space, or spend time redesigning it, but there are plenty of ways that you can maximise your space during the gloomy winter months.

Spending time outside in the fresh air is great for your health and happiness, so we are going to share garden ideas to make the most out of your garden.

One idea to make the most out of your garden and the environment which surrounds your garden is to attract the local wildlife especially as the wildlife can struggle during the winter months for food, this way you are living up your space and also supporting the local ecosystem.

Animals which do not go into hibernation struggle to find food and you can help them with a few simple essentials, these animals include birds and hedgehogs. One way you can grow food naturally is by planting trees, shrubs and flowers which produce berries and seeds, while feeding wildlife you are also making your garden come to life with flowers and trees.

Hedgehog walking over moss covered ground

Planting trees can also provide a sense of privacy within your garden, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without being overlooked by neighbours. Also bird feeders are the easiest and best way to attract wildlife, providing a variety of different options including peanuts and sunflower seeds to appeal a wide range of birds. You can also put your leftover fruit in the garden for them to eat, which reduces the waste of food in your household. Blackbirds especially like apples.

Male black bird in a garden surrounded by peices of apple

Gardens are a very important part of your home all year round and actually instantly improve the value of your property, so making sure you maximise the use of the space by making your garden accessible in the summer, as well as the winter is essential.

In the winter gardens can be difficult to keep looking aesthetically pleasing and healthy. However to avoid this install artificial grass to your garden, as this will improve the colour of your outdoor living area, by adding natural looking grass which is styled to your taste. There are many options from the sports range, and thick grass range, to your budget appropriate grass. Artificial grass is very easy to maintain unlike normal grass, making it manageable in the winter due to the low maintenance, no lawn mowers, no watering or even fertilising involved.

It is very rare for your garden to look green and healthy in the winter but installing artificial grass will allow for that brightness to cheer up the winter months. If you want to transform your garden during the winter months, consider Easigrass, artifical grass suppliers and installation services in Gloucestershire.

Marshmellows cooked over firepits in the garden

Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying your evenings, make the most of your space with firepits to provide the entertainment for your guests, wrap up warm and roast marshmallows on the open fire. A perfect evening! Also, to make a change from sitting indoors eating dinner you can have a BBQ and grill your dinner all year round, far tastier than your usual oven cooked meal. Don’t forget to jazz up the area with fairy lights and decorations to provide a cosy feel and allowing you to entertain guests not just in the summer but the winter months.

Overall, you can easily enjoy your outdoor space during winter by being flexible and designing your garden with changes in seasons in mind and during this time it also allows you time to prepare for the summer months where your garden will really come to life.

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