Top Trending Colour Schemes To Decorate Your Home

Living room with black painted walls, wooden floor and geometric black and white rug

Home renovations are on the increase at the moment, with many homeowners choosing to update and refresh their space without the costly expense of completely moving house.

If you’re on a budget, or just trying to give your home a brand new feel, a new lick of paint could create a huge difference – without blowing all of your money.

Switching up the colours in your home can instantly breathe new life into your space and transform it into a stylish, comfortable sanctuary that you’re proud to retreat to at the end of each day.

If you want to update your home’s paintwork, here are some of the top trending colour schemes of the year that you can ask you could ask one of your home decorators London to recreate for you.

1. Updated neutrals

Neutral tones are always going to be amongst the most popular. With their clean hues, minimal aesthetic and natural tones, they can easily blend into any space.

This year, neutral tones are more than just your classic whites – it’s all about the off-white shades.

Minimalist decor, pale painted walls and white sofa with wooden base

Neutral, off-white shades can brighten up any interior, without being as striking as the standard white hues. Although it may not be the most exciting colour at first glimpse, it provides you with the freedom to experiment when it comes to statement furniture, art, and home decor.

If you like the paired-back, minimal interior design styles, this could be the perfect colour to grace your walls this year.

2. Here comes the sun

As much as we love the sun, it isn’t always guaranteed when you’re living in the UK. So, why not bring some sun into your own home with a sunny paint colour selection.

Warm yellows and oranges are a great way of warming up your space and creating a cheerful atmosphere instantly.

Although these shades may be slightly bolder than you’re used to, they never fall into the realm of being too overpowering or in-your-face.

Perfect for creating an accent wall, or transforming any room into your own personal sun trap in no time.

3. Natural greens

We’re seeing many more people trying to reconnect with nature, but there are also ways that you can achieve this in your home – outside of just adding some greenery and plants to a room.

Bedroom with boarded walls painted green and pink bedding

Choosing natural colours like mossy greens and earthy browns can really complement any plants you’ve already found and they perfectly reflect the beautiful natural world that so many of us re-discovered over the pandemic.

You can pair these shades with beautiful jewel tones and can bring a sense of calm to your home in a subtle yet effective way.

4. Deep and powerful

Many people may instantly stay away from deep, dark colours when it comes to interior design but, they’re nothing to be afraid of.

Although you may not want to decorate your entire home with these deep shades, they are perfect for creating an accent wall and complementing lighter shades that are used around your spaces.

Shades like deep burgundy, moody purples and dark blues can create a mysterious and electric feel in your home that cannot be replicated by any other hue. 

We think these shades work best when used in bedrooms and living rooms to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

5. Keep it light and airy

A light and airy space can be just what you need to feel peaceful and motivated. Pastel shades like light blues, greens, purples, and pinks can all work together to create a bright and optimistic space.

Perfect for home offices where you want to keep on top of your work all day long, or for adding into your entertaining spaces so that every guest that enters your house feels right at home.

Especially if your home doesn’t let in a lot of natural light, these lighter shades can help you to recreate the feeling of a sun-drenched room – even if it’s more grey and miserable.

We recommend pairing these pastel shades with other nature-inspired tones and soft colours that will complement each other’s brightness to their full potential.

6. Timeless blues

The final colour palette that we think will be turning heads throughout the rest of the year is vintage-inspired blues.

Dark Blue kitchen cupboards with white metro tiles

Stone blue in particular is surging in popularity, bringing new life to the tone that was inspired by the 18th-century indigo pigments that became essential in many homes across the world.

These vintage tones can easily be brought into the modern-day through effective interior design. For example, pairing a stone blue shade with warmer yellows and greens can create an idyllic vintage feel.

On the other hand, if you really want to create a more contemporary feel in your home you can pair this shade with other cooler hues. This creates a slicked-back, clean look that feels effortlessly chic and stylish.

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