How To Renovate A Basement

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When it comes to basement renovations, the ball is in your court. You are free to design and use it how you want – within reason.

A person living on their own would require a basement renovations designed differently to someone who has a large family.

For example, a person living on their own may consider renovating their basement so they have an extra room to use as their office. A large family on the other hand, might want to renovate a basement so that their children can have an indoor play area. The reasons for converting a basement room can be many, it all depends on the individual.

Steps to Take When Renovating

When doing a basement renovation, it is important to ensure that certain steps and procedures are followed. When these steps and procedures are followed, it will enable the process to run more smoothly and a successful outcome to be achieved. Listed below are a number of steps that should be taken into consideration when renovating a basement:

  • Have a plan
  • Contact the appropriate authorities
  • Consider leaks and water damage
  • Have the correct insurance

Have a Plan

No renovation should be considered without a plan. You will end up disappointed if you start your basement renovations without one, as there are so many different things to consider, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster.  A plan is essential to save you from making mistakes, causing you stress and wasting money.

architect plans

When planning, you should put into consideration where everything will eventually be placed. Ask yourself questions like; where is the furniture going to be placed? Where will the light switches be placed? Where do I need plumbing? Questions like these are essential during renovating, whether you convert your basement yourself or employ someone to convert it for you.

Contact the Appropriate Authorities

When renovating any part of your home, you will need to inform the appropriate authorities. These authorities will let you know of any rules and regulations when converting your home and whether you need to seek permission.  If a person fails to meet with the appropriate authorities, they run the risk of receiving a fine and possibly ordered to remove any work performed on the house/basement.

Consider leaks and water damage

Water damage can ruin the structural integrity of a home, cause health issues with damp and mold and stop you using the room. During basement renovations, it is important to ensure that the foundations are laid correctly and the room is tanked, as any cracks/holes will allow water in.

Water leaked on floor. Person wearing black wellington boots

This is where a professional should be involved rather than trying to do it yourself. Making sure the basement has a strong foundation is essential and any mistakes could be very costly to fix.

Have the correct insurance

Your present home and building insurance is unlikely to cover the property whilst work is being done. Inform your insurance company straight away that you are intending to have work done on your home and pay for the extra cover. If they don’t cover for home improvements don’t be discouraged as you can contact other insurance companies that will cover your home whilst the work is being done, plus, many cover issues that occur once the project has been finished. Don’t take the risk, as anything could happen, for example a fire caused by wiring issues, to a flood caused by drainage issues. This can happen even with a professional and competent team performing the conversion, so insurance cover is of great importance.

Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do During the Renovation

When doing basement renovations, it can be a fun and exciting experience. However, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do during renovation. The table below gives you further information.

Do look at reviews to find a good contractorDon’t pick the first quote or the first company you meet.
Do the conversion within your budgetDon’t forget to consider the price of decorating once the build is finished
Do take things graduallyDon’t rush
Do choose the options that will benefit you in the long runDon’t choose ideas just because they were on social media, as they could go out of fashion quickly

Ways to Save on Costs in the Renovation Process

When doing basement renovations, it can be really expensive. If you are an individual who is trying to save money during your basement renovation, here are a few steps that you can take.

Work with a budget

This is the most obvious way to save money during basement renovations. Working with a budget helps you see how much you will be spending during a renovation. One major benefit of having a budget during a basement renovation is that it helps you see if you are going overboard on your spending.

Put your skills to work

If you are having your basement renovated and you have certain skills, for example you are good at painting, save yourself money by doing the painting yourself, as that’s an area you can save money on, without causing issues with the conversion.

 Make use of cheaper materials

Not everything needs to be top of the line. There are certain areas where it will be hard to cut costs, but especially on the more aesthetic touches, look around and try to find cheaper versions or second hand fixtures and fittings. This is also a great option when furnishing the room.

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