How To Buy Contemporary Ceiling Lighting

How To Buy Contemporary Ceiling Lighting

Contemporary ceiling lights can transform any room into something modern and fresh.

Whether it’s dated or old fashioned, modern lighting can make it feel updated. However, choosing the right one for your home can be difficult.

With different colours, materials, designs and purposes, knowing which one will make your room look the best can be confusing.

Here, we take you through each aspect to make sure you can find the right design for you.

Types of Lights

How to Buy Contemporary Ceiling Lighting

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Pendant Lights – these hang from the ceiling by a single cable.

Chandeliers – while it may seem like a more traditional design, there are many modern designs on the market that are simpler and more minimalist.

Spotlights – ideal for a modern, no fuss style house, spotlights are often bright and have most of the fixture hidden out of sight.

Track – track lights consists of many bulbs affixed to a single length of tracking.

Which Lights Go Where?

How To Buy Contemporary Ceiling Lighting

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Hallway – depending on the natural light in your hallway, you could place almost any type of lighting in there and it would fit perfectly. A pendant light is ideal for a bright hallway, whereas track lighting would open up a darker room.

Living Room – lighting is one of the details of a stylish living room, so it’s important to think about it carefully. A modern chandelier or pendant would work well. A dimmer switch would ensure that you can up the brightness for completing tasks and dim the lights for something cosier or more romantic.

Kitchen – spotlights and track lighting are popular for modern kitchens. They are usually very bright, and adjustable, making the both ideal for preparing food. However, you don’t want the room to be too bright, as many people use their kitchen to socialise in too.

Bathroom – downlights are usually found in the bathroom, as they are embedded in the wall or ceiling, making them waterproof. A dimmer switch may be a good idea for the bathroom too, as the bathroom is a room that is both functional and ambient. Task lights around the mirror will mean that you can see your face clearly and in a favourable light.

Bedroom – track lighting is popular for contemporary bedrooms, as they are both practical and stylish. However, pendant lights paired with table lamps is also a good option as it gives you the option of dimmer or brighter lighting.

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