How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look

How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Open Plan Kitchen

Many people desire the minimalist look in their home but can be at a loss as how to create it.

It is an interior design scheme that covers all aspects of your home, from the choice of flooring, to furniture, accessories and colours.

Midland Screed Floor are professionals in creating concrete flooring that looks not only stunning, but fits perfectly within a minimalist designed interior.

But what is minimalist interior design and how can you achieve it?

How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Installation view of Robert Morris - One Man Exhibition at the Dwan Gallery, 1966 - Image From Archives Of American Art

The term “minimalism” was first used in the 1960s to describe sculptural trends set by the likes of Robert Morris and Donald Judd. Since then, its use has widened and minimalism can now be used to describe trends in fashion, music, architecture and interior design, to name but a few.

Minimalism interior design schemes are increasing in popularity. And no surprise as modern minimalist design tends to be softer in their style, a welcome relief from the strict and sometimes cold lines of early minimalist interior design trends.

The fundamental principles of minimalism are clear;

  • Sharp, clean lines
  • Solid surfaces
  • Low furniture
  • Pastel shades

In recent examples, softer shapes, the use of more colours and the addition of texture has made this a firm favourite in not just the bachelor pad but the family home too.

Why screed flooring?

How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - White Gloss Dining Furniture

The main idea of minimalist is simple, but natural forms. In terms of interiors, this means minimum furniture and detailing. The main elements of this style look at the use of shape, colour and texture – and there are materials that are favoured to achieve the perfect minimalist look, with screed flooring being one of them…


Continuity in minimalist interior design is key to it being successful. There should be no sections that jar against the eye, everything should flow from one end to the other.

Screed flooring can deliver this because, in its ‘raw’ unset form, the screed can be moulded to fit any contours, lines or bends. It can be used to connect the floor and wall. In fact, screed flooring can flow seamlessly up the wall and, if necessary, to the ceiling too.

Shiny surfaces

How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Glass Noguchi Table

In a minimalist interior design scheme, shiny, glossy surfaces look simply fabulous. Screed, a thinner layer of concrete, can be buffed, sanded and polished to a high sheen. Even better, this high shine finishes remains in situ for a long time, even in busy rooms and places.

It is also relatively easy to replace this shine and glossy finish by simply waxing and buffing the top layer once again.

Colour or not

The decision as to what colour you choose for a screed floor is entirely down to your likes, wants and needs.

Although minimalist design suggests that light, neutral shades are the only options, there are cases of superb minimalist interiors that use dark colours to accent key features. Screed flooring is not the grey, drab and boring finish that you assume. Colour can be added and with a top layer of chemical acid treatment, your screed floor can be made to look like anything but concrete.

Does NOT distract

Accessories should be minimal. Furniture should be minimal, and colours neutral. Everything should blend together, there should be no visual distractions, nothing that interrupts the flow of the eye as it roams around the space.

Attention can be drawn to key features however, such as the floor but this should not be by something being glaringly obvious. This is why most interior designers suggest a neutral coloured flooring, and one of which the texture moulds with the rest of the space.

Screed flooring sits within a minimalist designed space, without distracting or distraction.


How Screed Flooring Can Help You Achieve The Minimalist Look - Minimalist Lounge

In any design, the need for flooring to be practical is key but this doesn’t mean that it has to be devoid of all style.

This is why most people turn to floor screeding contractors for their home – and business premises – as it is stylish and functional. Easy to keep clean, easy on the eye and perfect within a minimalist design scheme.

Minimalism and screed flooring

Minimalism allows you to express yourself without having to buy awkward coloured items, or have to make changes on a frequent basis so that you flit between ‘show home’ and the ‘lived-in look’.

Screed flooring allows you to achieve this look, without compromising on practicality and functionality. It is also an incredibly robust and hardwearing material. What is not to love about screed flooring?

Midland Screed Floor can further help you with your concrete flooring, whether it is part of a minimalist design, a domestic setting or commercial premises. With many years of experience, they are the experts to call.

Robert Morris Sculpture Image Source.

Noguchi table Image Source.

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