Bringing The Outside In With Conservatories

Bringing The Outside In With Conservatories

Now that the scent of summer is in the air, we all long to surround ourselves with the sunshine and beauty of the great outdoors.

As the warmer weather brings us new found hope of long evenings spent entertaining, many of us will look to update our homes in a bid to become the host with the most.

Among the flurry on renovations that will take place in the New Year, Conservatories come high on the list for summer additions, as any excuse to bring the sunshine inside is well worth the investment.

Adding a space that can be transformed for any need throughout the year, it becomes a hub of comfort when the rain appears, and a welcome change from feeling trapped inside.

Add a touch of Nature

When it comes to accessorising a conservatory think of the space as a summer living room, encompassing everything that you enjoy about the outside but bringing it indoors.

Adding plants that flower with beautiful colours can create a positive atmosphere and bring a warmth to the room.  Try to put them in different containers, to avoid the room looking like a greenhouse.

Minimal plants should be used that will flower all year round, as when the winter comes back again the room will still have a feeling of being outdoors.

Bringing The Outside In With Conservatories

Consider your colour palette

Decorating a conservatory can be one of the toughest interior design projects to get right.

Not only does the room need to suit the rest of the house in style but it’s also a much lighter room than others, so can be difficult to balance.

If in doubt, go down the traditional route of soft pastel colours. Adding warmth with magnolia and a hint of cream, or a mossy green can make the room feel more open, and bright on darker days.

When picking out colours ensure to ask yourself a few questions before hand; will the colour look different in the winter months? Will it contrast with the rooms leading onto the conservatory? How will it affect your mood when enjoying the room?

There are many online resources such as this one to help you visualise your ideal colour scheme, and get an idea of the atmosphere you would like to achieve.

Design with Need in Mind

Adding a room can be a very exciting prospect when you feel like you’ve been limited for space. But rather than the conservatory becoming a room for everything, set limits as to what you would really like the room to be.

Understanding what you need the most from this extra space can ensure that you plan and design it more accurately around your needs.

Create a mood board of what you would like and take some inspiration from others conservatories such as these so that you can get a good idea of what can be achieved.

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