Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising

Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising - Image Via

A multifunctional bedroom space is especially important for teenagers as their bedroom has many roles to play.

Firstly, it is where they sleep; teens typically need 8-10 hours of sleep per night, so having a space they can relax and unwind is important. However, it is a lot more personal than just a place to rest their heads; it is their own personal space where they should be able to express themselves. And as it is reported that in the UK teenagers are typically set 4-6 hours of homework per week, a designated study space is something they would greatly benefit from; especially as they begin GCSE’s and A-Levels.

Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising. Image Via


With the emphasis on sleep and study it is important not to forget that teens need to socialise too, and with sleepovers being one of the most common pastimes, their room needs to be accommodating of this. With concerns growing about teens spending too much time online, it’s important to encourage face to face socialisation such as through sleepovers, that will encourage them to build relationships; an important social skill. Balance is key when it comes to bedroom space; there are plenty of options for how to maximise space for study and socialisation but not in a way that it compromises sleep quality.

Here are some top tips on creating this balance:

Encourage Self-Expression

It is important that teenagers feel like their bedroom is their own space, allowing them to express themselves through decoration and design means that they will appreciate that it is their own space and may even encourage them to keep it clean and tidy!

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture, such as loft beds, are great for smaller spaces as it means you can incorporate study and social areas into the sleeping space. Loft beds allow for desks, storage and/or sofa’s to be fitted underneath the bed, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice functionality if your teens room is on the smaller side.

Maximise Floor Space

Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising. Image Via


Children’s Bunk Beds from Room to Grow are a great way to maximise floor space, ideal if you have two children sharing the room and perfect for optimising your teen’s room for sleepovers!

Modern bunk beds can have integrated storage underbed, shelving units on the sides and some models even have wardrobe space; perfect for keeping clothing, books and toys stored neatly away.

Integrated Storage

Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising. Image Via

There are a number of ways to improve storage in your teenagers’ room from cabin beds to trundle beds. By integrating storage into their bed, you are promoting a less cluttered environment and encouraging them to keep things organised. Clutter can play a huge role in productivity and having a tidy room, will encourage a tidy mind.


Teens should be able to experiment with style, and accessories are a great way to do just that! It is far more realistic and achievable to allow your teen to change up their bedding, cushions and wall art or photos quarterly, so it reflects the season and their current interests, than to completely redecorate with a repaint or new wallpaper. Why not make a statement with bedding or a cool canvas?

Study Zone

Design Tips: A Teens Bedroom For Sleep, Study And Socialising. Image Via

It is essential that you optimise the study zone for concentration. If you are lucky enough to have large windows, the study space should be placed where light is greatest as daylight is essential to productivity. Make sure you utilise desk storage to keep the study area free of any clutter, to avoid any distractions.

Colour Schemes

Stick to colour schemes which promote relaxation where possible. Neutral and pastel colours tend to be more relaxing and promote concentration and according to studies, a blue room will give your teen the best night’s sleep possible!

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