Three Ways To Use Concrete In A Bathroom

Three Ways To Use Concrete In A Bathroom - Concrete Sink - Image Via

The industrial aesthetic is sweeping homes across the country and filling up the pages on interior designers’ portfolios.

This is because there is a huge demand for this growing industrial trend by people who recognise its appealing character and rustic charm.

Unfortunately, we are not all able to reside in a converted warehouse or top-floor apartment with exposed bricks and quirky industrial furnishings. But anyone can give their bathroom that highly-sought appearance by using concrete innovatively. Here are three ways to achieve a modern and trendy aesthetic in your bathroom by just using concrete.

Concrete Sinks

Three Ways To Use Concrete In A Bathroom - Concrete Sink - Image Via WayFair

Ditching the traditional sink and instead opting for a concrete sink is one of the best ways to make your bathroom stand out. The sink is usually one of the centrepieces of the room and switching it for an innovative and characterful material will certainly make a statement. You can keep your design authentic and raw or you could choose to get your sink polished for a refined look.

One of the best things about concrete sinks is you do not need to get a concrete vanity top to go with it. The contrast between a concrete sink and a vanity top made from other materials can make the sink pop even more. Nevertheless, adding a concrete vanity top can also round off the style to give you a unique design. If you are seriously considering a concrete sink, you should check out Wayfair’s concrete sinks, there’s sure to be a design that catches your eye.

Concrete Pendant Lights

Three Ways To Use Concrete In A Bathroom - Concrete Sink - Image Via

A real head-turner is a concrete pendant light. You can get them in all sorts of shapes, designs and shades to match a current bathroom design. Here are some concrete designer lighting examples for you to browse through.  The best thing about concrete is that you can mould it into any shape to give you the exact look and feel you’re trying to achieve in the bathroom. The only negative to owning these lights are the number of times you will have to repeat yourself when visitors repeatedly ask where you got them from.

Polished Concrete Flooring

A polished concrete floor is another fantastic option for those wanting a bathroom upgrade in a modern and high-end style. Polished concrete floors are versatile too. They come in different finish types and can be moulded to fit any room. They are also a low-maintenance option for homeowners, which adds to their appeal, being swept or vacuumed with relative ease.

In this area, microcement is becoming an increasingly popular option. Savvy interior designers are recommending microcement to their clients when needing a new bathroom floor. Microcement offers a lot of benefits, including a desirable aesthetic, phenomenal strength and resistance to wear, abrasion and impacts. Give microcement a thought if you are currently considering a concrete bathroom floor.

However, you decide to use this versatile material in your bathroom, you can be sure that when used right it brings a pleasing aesthetic like nothing else.

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