Suitable Wall Art Size for Home Décor; An Ultimate Guide

Large stylish lounge with wooden flooring, large glass sliding doors, large grey sofas and large piece of art hanging above the sofa.

Do you desire to own some beautiful wall art in your space or room?

The decision to buy wall arts is a great step you have taken, but did you consider the size? The size is paramount to your wall size, the image transformation, and its effect on the whole room at large. Based on research, the importance of wall art size in achieving a stunning space has been underestimated, leading to this ultimate guide’s compilation.

This guide contains all you need to know about the suitable wall art size for your home decor. We will also briefly discuss the three major concepts of wall art sizes: small-sized wall art, medium-sized wall art, and large wall art.

Great Wave Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

1. Small-sized wall arts

Wall arts with width and height between 18 and 24 inches are considered a small size. These sizes are perfect for creating a gallery or multiple selections. They fit perfectly into a small space, especially when you have several pictures you want to form into a collage.

2. Medium-sized wall arts

Medium-sized wall arts are between 25 and 32 inches in both width and height. If you do not want too many wall arts or empty spaces, this size is the most suitable. It works best for office space or a foyer. More so, you can use it to create a gallery or picture prints on your wall if it does not appear big enough.

3. Large wall arts

Beautiful large wall arts are the masterpiece in generating a focus in your room, with 33 to 40 inches of width and length. However, do not use multiple large wall arts, as it may overcrowd the wall space. Hence, you can use them alone, and it is perfect for the contemporary or modern design.

Love The Ocean Breeze Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Choosing the Most Suitable Wall Arts

With several options available, it is understandable when you are caught up in deciding the best wall art for your space. 

The first thing you need to achieve is making sure the wall art fits perfectly into the wall size. You can mark out the position before placing the wall art to avoid an error. You can use a pencil to draw out the lines or mark them at the appropriate four edges.

Also, you can use furniture to determine the wall art size, especially when they are intended to complement each other. For instance, if your couch width is 90 inches, a wall art between 50 and 65 inches will perfectly fit into the picture. 

A simple calculation that has been working is multiplying the wall height by 0.57 inches and the width by 0.75 inches to get the wall art height and width, respectively.

Apart from size, it would help if you considered the placement or position of your wall art. A portrait wall art will fit into narrow spaces such as offices, while a landscape will be ideal for an overhead bed or couch.

Make sure you get all the necessary things done to avoid constant removal and replacement. Not only does this weaken the art print, but it also damages the wall.

Colorful World Map Masterpiece Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are going for a stand-alone design or wall arts as complements to each other, the guide above is crucial to your decision-making process. Make sure the size is neither too big nor small for the space you are trying to fit it into. The wall art must meet the eye level of an average person. By doing so, the arrangement isn’t clumsy, and it catches the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

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