Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child

Designing a beautiful, fairytale-themed bedroom for your child doesn’t need to be a fantasy!

The shops are bursting with furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings in enchanting designs to suit all tastes – from mermaids to dragons.  Let your imagination run wild as you decorate your child’s room with mythical creatures and magical beings.    Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite pieces for you to browse.  Enjoy!

Mermaid Wall Stickers

Mermaid Wall Stickers By Myonly (Available From Amazon)
Image Source: Amazon

Your child can pretend they’re floating around under the sea with these fantastic wall stickers by Myonly (available from Amazon).  The PVC stickers are non-toxic, making them perfect for children’s bedrooms.

Each sticker comes with a piece of removable adhesive tape that won’t leave any marks on your walls!  Ideal as your child grows older and their tastes change.

At only £3.99, this set of wall stickers are very affordable, making it easy to transform a room on a budget.

TIP: This pack of stickers would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for your child.

Knights Castle Playhouse

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Castle Playhouse From
Image Source:

If you have space, this castle-themed playhouse will make an excellent feature in your child’s bedroom. It’ll encourage imagination play (and provide somewhere to throw all the toys and clutter out of view!) Plus, you can take the playhouse outside on a sunny day!

The playhouse is made from a light frame and fabric, ensuring it is easy to assemble. It also comes with a handy storage bag.

At the time of writing, the playhouse is on sale at (now: £139.95, save £60).

Fairytale Bed

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Fairy Tale Bed From
Image Source:

I don’t think there’s a child on earth who would not enjoy sleeping in this gorgeous bed (complete with tower feature!)

The bed comes with a matching curtain (which is machine washable) to create a play space underneath.

Available from for £569.99 at the time of writing.

Fairy Bedding

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Little Home At John Lewis Country Fairies Duvet Cover And Pillowcase Set
Image Source: John Lewis

A small space-friendly decorating option! Send your child to bed at night dreaming of fairies and flowers with this reversible duvet and pillowcase set.  Available from John Lewis for £28.

Fairytale Wallpaper

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Image By
Image Source: WallpaperFromThe70’

Decorate your child’s walls with a fun fantasy print. Think dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns or mermaids; the choices are endless!  Wallpaper is a simple way to incorporate a theme into your child’s room.

We love the designs pictured above from the children’s room wallpaper collection at Our favourite is the blue dragons (far right)!

Little Mermaid Shell Bed

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Little Mermaid Shell Bed - Image By
Image Source:

Costing over £12,000, owning the Clam Shell Bed by Circu is a fantasy by itself for many. Apparently, the high price reflects the high-calibre workmanship, and the company creates each bed to order.  (Despite being largely unaffordable, the bed is so brilliant, we chose to include it in our list anyway…)  The top of the fibreglass shell contains dreamy lighting, which will help your child drift off to sleep.

Castle Play Mat

Create A Fairytale-Themed Bedroom For Your Child - Playmat By Le Toy Van - Image Via eBay
Image Source:

Both toddlers and young children will love this brilliant playmat by Le Toy Van. It features a charming castle and moat design.  The polyester mat features a non-slip backing. It measures 100cm wide by x 150cm long. Use it in place of a traditional rug in your child’s room.

The mat is available in a few different stores, but we found it cheaper at (for £32).  (Note, the 3D castle model is sold separately).

Decorating children’s bedrooms is great fun as you don’t have to stick to the same rules and be as reserved as you may be inclined in other rooms. Plus you’re only limited by you and your child’s imagination.


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