Four Tips For Framing Music & Movie Prints In Your Home

Four Tips For Framing Music & Movie Prints In Your Home

Everyone loves movies and music, so prints of album covers, film posters and other related images are a popular choice for wall decorations.

Your choice of frame can drastically impact the success of this highly personal design choice. Don’t listen to the people telling you that only high art belongs on walls; these four guidelines will help you get those Beatles album cover or Star Wars poster prints looking as good as traditional art.

Aim for Classy

Pop culture paraphernalia is becoming more and more common in adult decorating, but if you’re not careful, your attempt at adding a little flair to your living room might end up making the space feel a little adolescent.

The fact that you’re using a frame at all will already help set you apart from this crowd; choosing a sophisticated, thoughtful frame will create an even more favourable impression.

This doesn’t mean your frames can’t be fun, but they should match the image they’re surrounding and shouldn’t look cheap. Avoid the usual black plastic frames unless you have a very specific vision in mind.

Pay Attention to Placement

Four Tips For Framing Music & Movie Prints In Your Home

Along the same lines, you must not treat your framed prints like mere posters, no matter how much they look like them – you can’t scatter them haphazardly across the room.

Pick a spot for them on the wall where they’ll draw the attention they deserve, taking elements like spacing and symmetry into account. Once you’ve decided where your prints should go, there’s an art to hanging them properly.

Make sure they’re securely attached to the wall and won’t fall or become crooked if there’s a slight disturbance, like construction going on outside.

Fit the Frame to the Print AND the Room

Framed prints don’t exist in isolation, so you’ll have to make sure the frame matches the space it’s in, both design-wise and size-wise. A3 frames are made to fit images printed on ledger-sized paper and will fit many single pop culture prints, but don’t be afraid to go bigger if the space calls for it.

You can always make a composite image with several prints placed together in one frame to create one big striking piece, as is commonly done for family photos like this example. Make the final product cohesive with the room it’s in and it will look far more impressive.

Consider Different Sellers

Four Tips For Framing Music & Movie Prints In Your Home

Music and movie prints are much less demure than your typical oil painting print, and they often benefit from a bold print to match. You can find the usual selection of frames at any home decor store, but if you want something that fits perfectly and truly complements the print you’ve selected, you might have more success searching in less obvious places.

Online suppliers have the same quality merchandise you look for in conventional stores, and because their inventory isn’t dictated by the demand of any one location, they often carry some very unique frame designs.

Thrift stores are another great place to find unexpectedly excellent frames, although you should be mindful of potential damage on any finds you come across here.Your home is an extension of you, and with the right design sensibility, the media you love can be an impactful part of that.

The perfect frame will enhance the print resting inside it and make your music and movie prints integrate seamlessly with the rest of your living space. All you have to do now is decide which ones you want to hang up!

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