How To create The Ideal Traditional Bedroom

How To create The Ideal Traditional Bedroom

A bedroom is where many individuals will spend a large amount of their day with the average adult sleeping for 8 hours every night. Therefore, it is important to make sure your bedroom is designed for your individual specifications.

One of the most recent bedroom trends is to add a unique traditional appearance to the bedroom. This recreates the elegant vibe of English history, which looks stunning with a few modern fixtures.

The first specification to consider is the flooring you decide to install as this will set the tone for the rest of the room and is the easiest way to create a traditional vibe.

Traditional English houses would have wood flooring installed as it was the only material available. Many individuals immediately discard the thought of wood flooring due to the cost, however modern technology has ensured that wood flooring is not as expensive as you may of first thought.

Engineered Wood Flooring is manufactured by composing multiple layers of timber that are stuck together and topped with a lamella of solid hardwood. The flooring is cheaper than real solid wood flooring, however this does not affect the quality of the product as engineered flooring is actually stronger than solid wood flooring.

A light oak engineered floor will reflect natural light and bring the great outdoors inside with it being a natural product. Some boards may have knots, which will add a large amount of character and tradition to any bedroom.

How To create The Ideal Traditional Bedroom - Four-Poster Bed

Dark wood furniture such as cabinets and bed posts are fantastic accessories that will take centre stage and become the showpiece of a traditional bedroom. A four-poster bed will turn your bedroom from average to exceptional and make you feel like royalty.

A dark shade of mahogany wood will contrast a light shade of oak flooring and allow your furniture to become the standout feature of the bedroom. However, if you become bored with the shade of furniture or floor over time, then there are oils and lacquers available which will allow you to change the shade of the fixtures.

How To create The Ideal Traditional Bedroom - Bedroom Chandelier

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In a traditional bedroom it is important to get the right shade of lighting as well as an elegant ceiling light or lamp shade. Traditionally chandeliers were used in bedrooms and now modern replicas are available to add a spot of sophistication to bedrooms.

The artificial light will bring out the natural tones of the oak floor and furniture to help the variation of natural wood to run throughout the bedroom. If you believe a replica chandelier would look out of place, then a unique modern ceiling light with a copper shade will replace a chandelier and may work out cheaper.

The final fixture to consider is a traditional rug. A rug will increase the warmth and comfort of a bedroom and will feel cosy underfoot, especially in the winter months. Traditional rugs are most commonly available in a dark shade of red or a light cream.

However, there are multiple colour differentiations within traditional rugs that allows a specific pattern to be manufactured. There are also modern shaggy rugs available if you are wanting a traditional bedroom with a modern twist.

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