Home Cinema Installation: Do’s And Dont’s

Home Cinema Installation: Do's And Dont's - Image From v2com

Mad about movies? Then you’ll want to create a home cinema that brings the silver screen to life and immerses you in a world of light, sound and full-on entertainment.

Of course the home cinema installation process is not necessarily straightforward. There are lots of different factors to keep in mind when you are planning your perfect setup.

Here are some key do’s and dont’s to help you avoid common mistakes.

Do Consider The Space

Before you make any other decisions about your home cinema, you need to look at the space you have available. This will influence every other choice, from the size of the screen and the specifications of the projector to the type of furniture you pick and where you position the speakers.

There is no point choosing a vast display if you are only going to be sitting a couple of metres away from it. Equally you should make sure that you select seating that will accommodate every person who will be watching in comfort.

It’s silly to cram a couple of luxury recliners into a room that needs to fit a family of five. Sure, celebrities can afford mansions which feature entire cinemas, but most people need to be more pragmatic with their space.

If you have some control over the shape of the room itself, remember that certain layouts are better for handling audio than others. A trapagon with tapering walls will do a better job of directing sound than a standard symmetrical space.

Another reason to look carefully at the space is that this is relevant to the throw distance of the projector you pick. Some modern ultra HD projectors, like LG’s latest model, are built to cope with more compact areas. But failing to consider this could leave you in a pickle.

Don’t Unbalance Your Budget

How to create a masculine living space - BenQ TK800 Projector

The budget for your home cinema needs careful consideration. And if you can stick to it, you’ll find that the end result is all the more satisfying.

Be wary of the temptation to blow all of your budget on one particular element of the setup. Splashing out on a cutting edge 4K projector is all well and good. But if you skimp on the speakers because money is tight, then the overall experience will be spoiled.

It is better to find the right combination of complementary components for your home cinema that you can afford. A properly balanced approach will mean that no one element outshine any of its counterparts.

Do Choose Surround Sound

While modern sound bars have come on in leaps and bounds recently, they are still no match for a full surround sound setup. And if you’re after a genuine cinematic experience at home, you shouldn’t compromise on the audio.

The good news is that there are plenty of different competing surround sound systems that are suitable for different spaces and budgets. From affordable 5.2.1 solutions to higher end 7.2.1 setups, you can take your pick.

Actually installing a surround sound system can be tricky. Wireless speakers are convenient if you want to avoid messy cables, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve the best results.

Don’t Forget The Lighting

Home Cinema Installation: Do's And Dont's - Lymington Shores’ show home - Image From The Telegraph

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It might be tempting to turn off all the lights and let the screen be the centre of attention. But remember that your audience will almost certainly need to get up and move around the room at some point. Trips to the loo and snack runs are just as common at home as they are in real cinemas.

Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that the lighting is adaptable for movie watching as well as general use. Softer wall-mounted lights, table lamps and standard lamps are all a good option.

If you are going all-in on a dedicated cinema room installed by expert designers like Custom Controls, you could even pick ceiling lights that stay on throughout the movie. This will make life easier for audience members without spoiling the viewing experience.

Do Remember The Little Things

It is easy to get obsessed with the main attractions of a home cinema system; namely the display or screen, the sound and the seating. But there are lots of other smaller elements which can have a big cumulative impact on its success as a space.

Investing in high quality cables, rather than the cheapest generic leads, is sensible, for example. You want cables that not only perform optimally without interference, but also last for a long time without degrading.

There are plenty of accessories that can round off your home cinema effectively. Getting a popcorn maker can create the real atmosphere of a movie theatre. Picking up the right remote controls or even finding out which devices have accompanying smartphone apps is also a small but vital thing to consider.

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