6 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Calm white bedroom with plants and large window with view of trees.

Bedroom remodeling projects can be money- and time-consuming. You don’t want to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash to make your resting space more relaxing than usual.

Moreover, you don’t want to spend the entirety of a pleasant Sunday afternoon renovating the bedroom. These six tips will help make your bedroom a good location for sleeping every night.

Change The Mattress

Do you find yourself tossing and turning on the bed?  Perhaps, your noisy neighbors aren’t the sole culprits for this dilemma.

Sleeping on an incorrect mattress can lead to sleeping problems. Change your mattress based on essential factors, like:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Firmness
  • Body weight
  • Sleeping positions

Don’t pick just any mattress you see in a store. Doing so will only lead to wasted cash and sleepless nights.

Remember, the mattress you choose should give you optimal comfort and support. Furthermore, it needs to provide relief from chronic pain, such as muscle cramps and migraines. For more information about choosing the best mattress, check out BedAdvisor.com.

Clean The Room

Some bedroom remodeling projects are inexpensive, while there are others that may not cost you a single cent. One way to make the space more relaxing than before is to remove clutter from the area. Tidying up your bedroom will help you gain peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to wake up looking at junk and garbage.

Start cleaning the area by making two piles: one to throw and the other to keep. Some examples of things to throw out include empty food boxes, torn clothing, and empty containers of skincare products. As you clean, you may decide to keep some items, such as memorable pictures, old (but usable) pieces of clothing, and children’s toys.

Looking at a clean, fresh space as you close your eyes at night won’t overwhelm the senses. Also, a clean bedroom will help you appreciate the things you decided to keep.

Remove Work

A bedroom is a place for relaxation and not for work. Leave all work-related objects in the living room. Consequently, place these things in your home office, if you have one.

Small desk and potted plant

Having a work station in your bedroom may subconsciously alough your mind to subconsciously think about deadlines and projects. Filing reports and typing documents may fill your brain while you’re in a deep sleep. In turn, you’ll wake up feeling tired and stressed, and the day hasn’t begun yet.

Change Colours

Is your bedroom showing colours of deep red or bright orange?  Perhaps, these colours are messing with your body’s natural ability to fall asleep peacefully.

Colours can have positive and negative effects on the mind. Vivid colours, like red and yellow, are excellent in conveying excitement, which might not be ideal for the bedroom. Instead, opt for changing the colours in your room to cool hues, like blue and gray. Cool tones can help calm the mind, which, in turn, can provide you with better sleep quality.

Consider repainting your bedroom with cool colours. Repainting the room’s walls can also give the space a new look.

Go Green

You don’t need to have the greenest of thumbs to bring a touch of green in your bedroom. Place one or two plants in strategic locations in your bedroom. These will help give the area senses of health, life, and tranquility.

Calm white bedroom with greenery/plants

Consider placing one large plant in the corner of the room. Then, put smaller plants in other areas of the space to highlight different pieces of décor. For example, place a peace lily near photos or go with Chinese evergreen near the window.

Looking at green in the bedroom will help produce calming vibes in the space. Just make sure to take care of these plants, so they don’t wilt and die.

Soft Lighting

Do you have fluorescent lights in the bedroom?  If so, these bright lights may ruin the relaxing mood in the vicinity.

Fluorescent lighting fixtures tend to replicate bright sunlight. Your body clock might see this bright light and think that it’s already morning, even though it’s still 11 pm. As a result, you may find yourself having difficulties going back to sleep.

Replace fluorescent lights with soft lights to reduce the visual noise in the space. Place a small bedroom lamp on top of a nightstand or tall dresser. The soft glow will help set a peaceful mood, contributing to a better, more blissful sleep.


Make your bedroom more relaxing with these tips. Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to make the room more comfortable than before. In turn, you’ll enjoy nights of unbroken sleeping patterns and fresh mornings.

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