How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

In today’s day and age there are so many alternatives to the traditional gym that it would truly be a shame if you didn’t take advantage.

One such alternative is having your own gym at home, always at your disposal and designed according to your preferences. Besides the fact that you won’t be forced to share it with 10 or 20 sweaty strangers the other overruling advantage is that you can design it yourself.

Even better, it can be a cool DIY project, and this is exactly what we’re going to discuss today, just to give you an idea of how to approach it.

Identify the Space you Can Use

Not everyone can afford to transform an entire room into a home gym, which is why it’s important to identify the area you can use.

Now, the space can be located in your living room or in your bedroom, but it’s best to have good ventilation (window access) and hard floors, preferably wood. Carpeted floors are indeed better at isolating sounds, but the equipment will create permanent indentations and the carpet is not an anti-slip surface.

Hard floors are better because you can install a special rubberised mat that will protect you, the equipment, and the original flooring.

Overall, it’s important to have plenty of space for the equipment you plan on buying. You should also consider the need for storage space for accessories and small equipment that can be easily hidden (cords, weights, resistance bands, balls, mats, and so on).

Versatility is the Word of the Day

How To Create The Perfect Home Gym - Kettlebells

Given that space is limited, you must consider getting versatile equipment that can be easily folded or used for several activities.

For instance, kettlebells are great for home gyms because they can be included in a variety of exercises from strength to conditioning and fat loss. Furthermore, they are small and easy to store away when not in use.

Quick tip:

There’s no need to invest a lot of money in this because now you can hire commercial gym equipment for your own gym. This option offers diversity and access to professional training tools without spending a fortune on it!

Pay Attention to the Walls

How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

The walls around your home gym space can be used to increase your workout motivation and induce a sense of discipline. Our recommendation is to install mirrors on the closest wall so you can see yourself while exercising.

It’s important to have tall mirrors, that allow a full image so you can check on position, technique, and even take selfies. This will make you feel like you’re in a real gym and not something you improvised at home. Another important element is a TV or an audio system so you can listen to music or play workout videos.

Budget Considerations

Your budget will set the tone for your home gym so make sure you consider all the aspects. Starting with the protective mat on the floor, moving on to the equipment, and ending with the accessories, you must factor all these costs in.

Our recommendation is to start small, especially with the equipment, and always consider hiring the bigger pieces. This will save you money and will allow some diversity into your training routine.

For the floors, walls, and lighting use basic solutions, good materials, and always adapt to your budget and needs. There’s no need to go overboard; as long as you’re comfortable with your home gym, everything will be just great.

Lighting Is Important

How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

Even if you tend to do your routine during the day, you should consider installing a lighting system that optimises visibility. The light should be directly above the area you’re using so it won’t create shadows or other deceiving effects.

Not only will this help increase motivation, it will also keep you safe while using the equipment. Smart home lighting controls can be installed if you’re looking for something a bit more high-end.

In Conclusion

Overall, the idea is to make sure you have the space and equipment needed to get the results you want. Always focus on versatile machines and don’t let yourself be tempted by commercials. If you can get the same results using what you already have, there’s no need to invest more!

It’s crucial to create a dedicated area where you won’t be disturbed by other members of the family and always put safety first.

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