London Architectural Styles, Facades and Interiors Uncovered

London Architectural Styles, Facades and Interiors Uncovered

London has long been one of the world’s most diverse architectural cities with the UK’s capital forging ahead with modernity, whilst simultaneously maintaining its historic heart of architectural splendour.

With a rich history and home to over 8 million people in 2017 the mix of buildings and their respective facades are indeed a wondrous mix.

The Contemporist has a wonderful article showcasing some of London’s best and most innovative exteriors of homes and public structures. With central London’s dominating skyline rich with modern architecture built with glass, steel and utilising innovative shapes, in older districts sit medieval wonders, Georgian splendours and Victorian masterpieces for all to see.

Contemporary London Facades and Window Dressing

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Dressing these building facades and their windows is the responsibility of home or business owners who often elect to employ materials illustrating the rich menagerie of architectural styles. One particular modern classic, which is growing rapidly in popularity is interior window shutters and it’s easy to see why.

Architectural styles are being realised through clean linear lines and traditional materials such as hard woods providing a versatile modern finish to London property. There are many different styles being utilised on windows throughout the capital with companies supplying shutters to suit tastes and match interior decor. One such company promises budget beating prices together with timeless chic with their design products.

From Exterior to Interior Design

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From exterior architectural facades to interiors and designers in the capital are going strong as ever with people still flocking to the city requiring interior design services. With many internationally acclaimed names being world leaders in this field including Laura Hammett, Yoo Studio and The Studio Harrods, London is very much key to the architectural scene as a whole. Without the rich diversity of building styles interiors would unlikely flourish as they do today,

Londoner’s homes are adorned with design inspiration from around the world. Many traditional homes in the city are having modernistic makeovers and extensions. With a blend of old meets new exteriors it makes sense that interiors follow suit, with contemporary designs being installed into classically proportioned older homes. You can see more interior inspiration in this Standard article outlining some of the capitals finest interior designers.

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Despite recent failings of projects such as the Garden Bridge, London has some of the most innovative interiors and exteriors welcoming locals, tourists and the inevitable speculators. This blend of purposes surely cements this city as one of the richest in architectural delights and any tour should include visits to some of the more elaborate  public spaces such as 20 Fenchurch Street, Tate Modern and of course The Shard amongst others. For every successful project the daily lives of millions may be changed who view these buildings and their interiors.

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