Interior Design Tips: How To Make Your Bedroom Look Modern

Large bedroom with wooden flooring, grey walls and queen size bed

So you want to make your bedroom look modern.

Maybe you want a new style for the room, or perhaps you need some professional help on sprucing it up. Either way, here are some easy tips that will make your bedroom look modern in no time.

1: Make Sure The Bed Fits In

One of the most important things to consider when designing a bedroom is the size of the bed. Ensure that the bed will fit comfortably in the room before you purchase it or start any renovation work.

You don’t want to spend all that time and money on a new look for your bedroom, only to find out that your bed doesn’t fit. So ensure to check several mattress reviews before purchasing one. The way to ensure your bed fits is to measure the width of your current bed.

If you want to buy a new bed and mattress, just bring this measurement with you when shopping for beds. Not all modern bedrooms have huge king-sized beds, so don’t worry if what you own is not very big. There are plenty of stylish options that will fit neatly into your room without any problems

2: Choose A Neutral Colour Scheme

A modern bedroom should have a simple, neutral colour scheme. This will make the room feel spacious and airy, and it will be easier to change the look of the space in the future if you want to. Some good neutrals to consider are black, white, grey, and beige.

Colours that are low in contrast to the colour of the bed will also work well. This means that if you have a black bed, then light grey walls and beige curtains may look best. If you have a white bed, dark blue or green walls would work well.

3: Use Rugs To Add Colour And Make The Room Feel Warmer

When choosing your rug, keep in mind the colours that are already in your bedroom. You don’t want to have too many clashing colours, but you can use rugs to add a splash of colour or make the room feel warmer. If your bedroom is relatively small, choose a rectangular or square rug to not take up too much space.

Larger rugs can be used in the corners of your bedroom or to frame your bed. If you’re not a fan of colour, choose a monochromatic carpet with a similar tone. This will make the room feel more subtle and warm. If you want to use something more daring, go for a patterned rug. Just make sure that the colours and patterns in the rug match the other elements in your bedroom. You don’t want it to be too busy or feel like a cluttered mess.

If you have a few different rugs, you can also create different zones in your bedroom. For example, you could have a mat by the bed for when you’re reading or relaxing, a rug near the door for when you’re getting dressed, and a carpet near the window for when you’re working on your laptop. This will help make the room feel more spacious, and it will be easier to relax in different room areas.

4: Add Mirror To Reflect The Light

Mirrors are a great way to make a bedroom look more spacious, and it’s a great way to reflect the light. If your bedroom is relatively small, choose a mirror that’s rectangular or square. A large mirror will take up too much space and make the room feel cramped. If your bedroom is already quite bright, a mirror won’t make much of a difference.

5: Hang Curtains High Enough to Let in Light

You will want at least 6 inches of clearance between the top of your curtains and the ceiling, because any less leaves you with an overwhelming dark space within the room.

Bedroom with large window. Bedroom decorated with light coloured bedding and curtains

Just make sure you use blackout drapes if you are concerned about too much light. Hanging your curtains this high will ensure that you get the most out of your windows and drapes.

6: Get Creative With Lighting

One of the best ways to make your bedroom look modern is by getting creative with lighting. Try using a mix of overhead lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to create an exciting and well-lit space. If you have some extra money to spend, consider investing in a statement light fixture for your bedroom. This can add instant style and sophistication.

7: Incorporate Modern Furniture

You don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture for your bedroom to look modern, but you should try to incorporate some modern pieces into the design. A mid-century nightstand or contemporary dresser can bring your space together. If you’ve already got an older bedroom set, you can always go out and purchase a modern duvet cover to help dress up your bed.

8: Use artwork and Accessories

One easy way to make your bedroom look modern is to use artwork and accessories. Choose pieces that are simple and sleek, without a lot of extra details. This will help keep the focus on the overall look of the room rather than any one individual item. You can also use accessories to add a pop of colour or personality to the space.

9: Windows, windows, windows

The most important thing you can do to make your bedroom look modern is to put in lots of windows. Open space will give the room a fresh feel. If possible, use large windows that let in plenty of sunlight. Not only does natural light improve your mood and create a more inviting atmosphere, but it can also help you save on electricity bills.

10: Bring in nature

Adding plants to your bedroom is a great way to make it feel more natural and peaceful. Not only do they improve air quality, but they can also be very relaxing to look at. If you’re not good with plants, you can always opt for faux plants. They’re cheaper, have more varieties to choose from, and don’t require any sunlight.

With interior design, bedrooms are often last on the list of priorities. But a well-decorated bedroom can be not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and relaxing.

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