Tips for Creating your Dream Kitchen


Whether you fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey or your culinary skills only equate to a microwaved ready meal, the kitchen is a room where we spend most of our time, so it’s only right that we want it to be perfect.

It’s a space we take great pride and joy over, whether we are entertaining friends, whipping up something delicious for the family or enjoying a cup of tea and slice of cake, so getting it right is a high priority when it comes to making a house our home.

Whatever your requirements it’s a space that reflects you. So whether you want to complete a full kitchen renovation, update your existing kitchen or enlist the help of a few design tricks and accessories for a revamp these tips should provide you with some inspiration to get cracking.

Creating the Right Space


Whether you’re blessed with a large kitchen space (lucky you), or little is left to be desired, when it comes to square footage you needn’t feel disheartened, as many small spaces have been transformed to make the most of the space available.

The trick when it comes to creating the right kitchen space is to make sure everything flows, not only do you need to ensure you have sufficient floor space to move around but consider how you will use the space.

Everything from where your sink is in relation to where you’ll stack dirty kitchenware, to how close your bin is in relation to where you prepare food. Ease of use will make you love your kitchen even more.

Finding Inspiration

These days there are so many ways to gather home inspiration so whether you gather some of your favourite magazines or browse on Pinterest you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Speak to the experts too, as they really do know their stuff and will be best placed to help you create your dream kitchen.

Once your inspiration is gathered, begin to pick out a theme and look for your kitchen, will you go country chic or pick an ultra-modern design? The style you choose will often tie in with your kitchen requirements as practicality is key.

Defining the Essentials


We’re all guilty of thinking that everything is essential but the truth is we don’t need every kitchen gadget under the sun, compile a list of what you want from your kitchen and go from there.

Do you use the space to entertain and host dinner parties? Or does your kitchen need to be family friendly? How many will be in the kitchen cooking?

Islands and breakfast bars are both lovely to have and can provide great storage and a place to eat if you are short on space, but if they don’t work for you or your lifestyle they could end up getting in the way and become an annoyance rather than something you enjoy.

Kitchen Hacks


If you don’t want to overhaul your kitchen then there a plenty of smaller ways you can achieve the perfect space. Providing you’re happy with the general structure of your kitchen then all you need to do is change the kitchen doors or play around with the fixtures.

Be clever with your storage, bulky items such as knife blocks can get in the way if you’re tight on space so consider installing a magnetic knife rack on your wall, create a list of your essential kitchen tools to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Make sure your kitchen cabinets are configured to store your items in the best possible way, pull out cabinet shelves can help to keep pots and pans tidy and out of sight and corner cabinets work wonders for making the most of every inch available.

Plan the Works

Renovating your kitchen is a big task but with some forward planning and organisation it won’t be so daunting when the work begins.

Before you start, the first thing you’ll need to consider is your budget, do as much research as possible beforehand and plan for any extra costs you think may arise.

Steve Gilbert Building Services, can work with their own sourced materials or materials you already have helping you to save on cost.

It’s likely your kitchen will be out of action whilst you are giving it a makeover so plan how you’ll prepare meals around this. The microwave will likely be your saviour, so batch prepare some meals beforehand that you can simply reheat when the time comes.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home so getting it right is essential, now all you need to do is dig out those cookbooks ready to cook up a storm in your revamped space!

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