Inspiration: 7 Aesthetics For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

Grey and cream wooden country kitchen with large wooden table

Kitchens are the focal points of every house. Previously used solely for cooking, it is now where day-to-day interactions happen.

In the past kitchens were mostly considered for cooking, but now, aesthetics and layout matter. We all know a well-designed kitchen is everyone’s dream, so it is not a surprise that more and more people are looking for kitchen renovation. 

In this article, we will introduce 7 aesthetically pleasing styles to upgrade your kitchen for your next renovation. Before doing so, you might need help from the experts, as they can give you a better insight on how to remodel your kitchen aesthetically.

1. Classic Kitchen

The traditional kitchen is all about fresh colours and classic design elements. It gives off elegant vibes with its classic white walls and cream cabinets. You can go with a dark-coloured hardwood floor to bring a comforting touch, and compliment the light interior. Additionally, stainless steel faucets with sprayers will complement the traditional theme well. Also, by adding the gleaming white marble countertops and vintage drawer pulls, it is bound to bring an elegant feel. 

2. Beach-House Inspired Kitchen 

These kitchens follow the beachy coastal vibe, with the cool blue and teal shades, huge windows, and crisp white hues. Just like the beach, it gives an airy and sunny vibe. To make it feel more like a beach house, add big sheer windows to deliver plenty of sunlight. Furthermore, you can also amp up this fresh feeling by adding a plethora of seashells and frames of ocean waves on your kitchen walls. Additionally, wicker seats and casual fabrics can bear the wet clothing that your family would bring in.

3. Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens are all about balance. They are well-known for their details and carvings, including elements like corbels, moldings, arches, antique furnishings, and furniture. Some traditional-styled kitchens even have chandeliers! Traditional kitchens are neither too modern, nor too vintage. Hence, it is a perfect blend and a compliment to an owner’s style. Traditional aesthetics include features such as smooth countertops, traditional cabinets, and light wood flooring. In conclusion, they are perfectly timeless!

4. Dark-Themed Kitchen

The dark-themed kitchens are in-demand these days. This type of kitchen gives off polished, sleek, and stylish aesthetics. Whether it is black, or forest green, darker kitchens have something for everybody’s style.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

With a blend of black cabinets and white wooden floors, the kitchen will provide a sleek place for the family to sit in. Additionally, you can also design a dark-themed kitchen by adding a pop of blue for a rustic feeling, or dark green to radiate some grown-up glamour.  

5. Mediterranean Kitchen

Wooden cabinets, arched ceilings, vibrant tiles, large hoods, and kitchens decorated in lively colours are some of the features of a Mediterranean kitchen. Cool colours such as green or blue are the life of this kitchen. Furthermore, you can complement the look with artistic and vibrant tiles, and add a dash of mosaic backsplash. In contrast, cabinets are often left in their natural state i.e. wooden colour and are often constructed with premium wood, such as cherry. Walls and floors may complement each other with the colour palette of light, warm shades.  

6. French Country Kitchen

French country kitchens are a mix of cottage-style kitchens and modern kitchens. They offer a balance between farmhouse feels and chic vibes. For a French country kitchen look, leave your floor to radiate some sign of a “wear and tear” feel.

Country Kitchen with island and dresser

Mustards and reds are the life of the kitchen and mix in with the interior to give the farm-styled kitchen feel. Furthermore, the interior colours are warm, and ceramic accessories fit right in the French-styled kitchen.

7. Industrial Kitchen

The industrial kitchen is all about raw textures and materials. Concrete, steel, wood, metal, brick, you name it. The clunkiness of the kitchen lies in its furnishing and oversized appliances. Additionally, brick walls are must-haves for this modern type of kitchen style as mentioned in Forbes. Since the style focuses on spacious layouts and functionality, they consist of vertical gardens, uncovered pipes, and overhead skylights. For contrast, you can add coloured-pattern floors, bright chairs, and even colourful pictures. Also, a ladder is a must in an industrial kitchen!

In a nutshell, a kitchen is more than just a space for preparing food. The renovation is a significant opportunity to instill new memories and a place for bonding. By following an aesthetically inspired kitchen guide, you will achieve your dream kitchen. We hope this article helps you redesign your fabulous dream kitchen.

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