The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

Your initial thoughts may be that a concrete floor is cold, hard and unforgiving. You may also think that it is too industrial, too grey, bland and too boring for your home.

Some customers on coming to Midland Polished Concrete have been concerned it will look too ‘prison-like’, too harsh and well, like concrete.

The truth is, you have probably seen more concrete floors than you imagine. Have you walked into the lobby of a newly built hotel or office complex in recent years? Have you marvelled at the marble-effect floor, with its high sheen and a feeling of luxury? It’s a concrete floor.

Have you noticed the pattern and the detailing of a large expanse of floor in someone’s home and thought that must have cost a huge amount of money for someone to lay those individual tiles over such a vast area? It’s a concrete floor.

You are probably surprised and more than a little shocked. Who would have thought that concrete, the grey boring, bland slab like structure that we commonly associate with it, could look so luxurious and so beautiful?

There are many benefits to concrete flooring so if you are unsure this is the right choice of flooring for you, take a look;

1 Sustainability

The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

In some ways, the amount of water that is needed to make concrete means that many people with one eye on the environment and their impact on it, will rubbish concrete floors.

But bear with us as we attempt to explain that once this water has been consumed in the making of the floor, it is a floor covering that lasts for years and years and years. Also, if you have an existing concrete slab of a floor, all it needs is a polish along with some acid treatment if you want a marbled effect and you have a perfectly serviceable floor without the need for more concrete, more water and so on.

Make the concrete floor look even more refined with some well-placed rugs and you have an amazing finish.

2 Easy care and easy cleaning

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Many people don’t realise the sheer delight of how easy it is to keep a concrete floor not just clean but hygienically clean.

For those who suffer from asthma or other breathing issues, the dust mite loves the moist warmth of carpets and not matter how many times a day you vacuum, there are still thousands of dust mites left behind. You have no such worries with concrete floors.

You can sweep it and mop it and it will shine and gleam – and that is really all there is to it.

3 Cost-effective flooring solution

The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring - Image By Altereco

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In terms of cost per square foot, concrete floors are a cost-effective flooring solution regardless of how big or small the space is. Once the floor has been poured, it needs time to cure or as some people will say, dry so that it offers the hard, robust surface that you come to expect from concrete.

You can then have the surface polished to a high shine and sealed. Or you can opt for the marbling or stamped/patterned effect that really turn it into something special.

You can also opt to have different finishes and colours. Some people have their concrete coloured so that it matches with the interior they are creating whilst other customers prefer the stone-like, natural feel under their feet.

Obviously, the more work a company puts into your concrete floor, the more it will cost. Hence, for those on a budget, laying the floor and polishing it is well within your reach but if you do have a little extra to spend, you can create all kinds of stunning effects.

4 Longevity

Wouldn’t it be great if the carpet you have just spent hundreds on would stay looking as pristine as it does on the day that it is fitted for years to come?

When you opt for concrete flooring, this is exactly what you get – a flooring solution that takes minimal effort to keep it hygienically clean but also stays looking simply fabulous for as long as possible.

5 Versatility

The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring - Concrete Floors Versatility.

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But the winning point of a concrete floor is it versatility.

Not a fan of the ‘wet look’? Opt for a matte look instead. Want the high shine? Have the top layer of concrete buffed until it shines so bright it’s like a mirror (but not slippery).

You can keep the expanse of concrete floor clear so that it is the star of the show or it can be in a supporting role, allowing the Persian rug that is laid on it to be the focal point.

Is concrete flooring perfect for your home? Let us know in the comments below.

Midland Polished Concrete create concrete floors for both domestic and business customers. Create the perfect flooring solution has never been easier with concrete, as the ability to create all kinds of unique finishes is a real possibility.

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