The Best Mattress To Ride Out The Rest Of 2020 On

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With so many mattress options in the market today, buying a new one can be quite overwhelming.

There are so many considerations that go into choosing a mattress. Most importantly, you need to factor your sleeping style and personal preferences in your final choice. Here are some of the standard mattress types to help you choose the best mattress to ride out the rest of 2020.

Memory Foam and Latex

Memory foam mattresses have pressure relief, body contouring, and great support. Modern memory foam mattresses have cooling properties, which makes them better than the conventional memory foam mattresses. There are many types of foams which are categorised as memory foam. Generally, memory foam is best suited for sleepers who want pressure relief, support, body shaping, and, most importantly, a great hug. It is also one of the best types of mattress for side and stomach sleepers.

Memory foam mattress

Latex mattresses are popular for their high level of comfort and cooling properties. Latex is best for you if you want a great bounce and responsiveness. You can opt for the latex foam option if you do not want the pronounced hug of memory foam mattresses. A latex mattress is springy and supportive at the same time and best suited for a back sleeper.

Inner Spring Style

Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses, are popular for their bouncy feel. These mattresses have a few layers of spring coils to provide support and comfort. The number of coils in the innerspring mattress determines the level of support and comfort.

Innerspring mattresses offer better pressure relief than latex and foam mattresses. Coil mattresses are suitable for side sleepers and those who want a spring sensation, great bounce, strong edge support, and cooling features.

Pillow-Top and Hybrid

Pillow top mattresses fall into different categories: latex, coil, memory, and hybrid. Pillow-top mattresses feature a layer of soft material that is sewn or stuffed into the cover. This provides additional comfort for the sleeper. Pillow top mattresses provide a suitable sleeping surface for sleepers who want a softer and cushion support.

Mattress layers and with pocket springs

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of memory, latex, coils, polyurethane foams, and other materials. If you sleep on your back, you need to find a mattress that is somewhere in the middle, like the hybrid mattresses. These mattresses maximise specific benefits while minimising certain downsides. For example, the memory foam combined with latex foam hybrid delivers cooling, great bounce, and responsiveness through the latex and offers excellent pressure relief through the memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice for many sleepers.

Adjustable and Air-Filled Mattresses

Adjustable mattresses allow you to change the mattress position by inclining the back and elevating the feet. Some adjustable mattresses can vibrate and massage the sleeper. Adjustable mattresses are suitable for sleepers with specific needs. They are an excellent choice for older sleepers, sleepers with lower back pain, snorers, or sleepers suffering from specific conditions.

There are also air-filled mattresses which are adjusted using a remote control. Some of these mattresses have two side-by-side chambers, which allow users to customize the mattress’s firmness. There are also foam mattresses that come with firm and soft sides. This means you can flip the mattress over according to your preference.

Where To Shop For Mattresses

After determining the mattress you need based on your preferences and sleeping style, you need to find the right place to shop. When it comes to shopping for mattresses, you can either shop in the store or online. One of the benefits of shopping at the store is that you will not pay the full price. You have the advantage of negotiating for a lower price. Most stores also offer to remove your old mattress.

Mattress Store

The stores will also allow you to lie down on different mattresses to find the one best suited for you. Before you make a choice, do not rush when sleeping on the mattresses, take your time to recline for at least a few minutes to ensure you do not feel any pain or pressure. The main downside with shopping in stores is that it can be quite overwhelming trying out different types of mattresses to come up with a single choice. Before buying, you should carefully study all the options for mattresses and choose the right one for you. Various reviews can be found here on Mattressive.

Shopping online is convenient if you want to buy a mattress at the comfort of your home. There are also fewer options for you to look at, which makes it easier to choose. These mattresses also include free shipping and a money-back guarantee, which means it minimises your risk. The downside of shopping online is that the price for the mattresses is fixed. Additionally, you will have to set up the mattress and get rid of the old mattress yourself.


The kind of mattress you sleep on affects your sleeping experience and your general health. The task of choosing the appropriate mattress should be undertaken after determining your sleeping style and preferences. It would help if you also considered whether you have any medical conditions that will be affected by the surface you sleep on.

Generally, side sleepers should go for a mattress that has excellent pressure relief and cooling features. Those who sleep on their stomachs should go for a firm mattress that conforms to their body. A hybrid mattress that offers the best of all worlds will be the best choice for those who sleep on their back.

When is the last time you upgraded your mattress? You should now check out the best mattresses in 2021 and order one online.

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