The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - GoHaus Amandel Vinyl

Vinyl flooring has gained a poor reputation over the last few decades for looking fake or cheap.

What many consumers don’t realize is that the flooring material has evolved over the years into something much more beautiful and durable than traditional roll out vinyl flooring.

Meet luxury vinyl plank floors.

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - GoHaus Aragon Vinyl

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It’s built in actual plank form, looks like wood, and even has texture like hardwood floors. In our opinion, it’s even better than laminate flooring. See the differences of these two types of flooring here:

The real brilliance of vinyl plank flooring is its versatility. Think you can only install these as flooring? Think again! Install them on your bedroom or living room walls to create a modern accent wall.

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - Accent Wall

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Because vinyl plank flooring come in an array of varying patterns, the wall will look like wood, but without the concern of expansion and contraction of real wood.

In the same note, many resourceful homeowners have even utilised the vinyl planks to update their kitchen backsplash. In conjunction with neutral white cabinets, the wood-look vinyl backsplash can modernise the kitchen without breaking the bank.

Choosing a backsplash in a similar tone as the kitchen flooring will help tie the room together.

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - Backsplash

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Even if you did decide to install the vinyl planks as flooring, you’ll probably have some leftover after your big project. Use the extra flooring to renew furniture. Glue the vinyl plank floors to headboards or side tables to update its look. Here’s a custom headboard hack made using the IKEA Malm collection.

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - Headboard

Source: Sugar & Cloth

Since vinyl plank flooring is highly water resistant, it’s handy to use to protect against leaks. Line the scrap vinyl plank on the bottom cabinet under your kitchen sink. This will help prevent water damage from potential leaks in the future. You can even line your kitchen cabinets and drawers!

Vinyl plank flooring can also be installed in moisture-prone areas that are normally off limits to other flooring materials, like in the bathroom or basement.

For larger spaces, look for the interlocking vinyl planks. When you opt for connection types like click vinyl flooring, installation is a breeze! There is no fuss with glue or adhesives, and the installation itself requires minimal tools. This is perfect for DIY-ers who want to complete the installation themselves.

The Versatility Of Vinyl Flooring - Headboard

Source: Basement Remodelers

Really, the possibilities are endless with such a versatile product like vinyl plank flooring. Seen any other clever uses of vinyl planks? Share with us today!

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