Trend Watch:  Calm & Tranquil Coastal

Calm and tranquil coastal trend

Planning to redecorate? Looking for a way to incorporate a ‘laid-back vibe’ into your home this summer?

If so, let us introduce you to the ‘calm and tranquil’ trend.  Predicted to be a huge hit in SS16 by both John Lewis and Dunelm, this trend is a modern, stripped back take on the typical ‘beach house’ look.

There’s no room for cliches with this trend: ship ornaments, driftwood sculptures, scavenged shells from the beach and porthole style mirrors are out. Instead, the room is simply transformed into a calm and tranquil space by pairing neutral shades and cool tones with natural textures to achieve a casual coastal feel.

Picking the perfect colours:

Breezy, cool colours will create the perfect atmosphere.  Opt for steely greys, sea blues, foamy greens, and sandy browns as your accent colour.  Don’t be afraid to add the odd dash of bright azure blue though, as it will create a lovely contrast.  You’ll want to ensure you use plenty of light and creamy colours to keep the room feeling airy and bright.

Rooms already decorated with a fairly neutral colour palette will only need a few key accessories for an instant style update.  Artwork, throws, cushions, lamps and decorative vases are easy to incorporate with minimal fuss.  This will allow you to achieve the calm and tranquil theme without extensive redecorating.

Accessories & furnishings:

Look to nature when sourcing furniture and furnishings for the room.  Natural materials and organic fibres are key: wood, rattan, cotton, linen, and jute should all be on your shopping list. Take a cue from beachside cottages by looking for furniture made using sun-bleached wood and don’t shy away from playing with tactile textures when it comes to buying ornaments.

Opt for glass pieces if you’d like to add a little no-fuss decoration into your calm and tranquil room.   Clear glass is very simple to work with.   Look for vases, bottles, bowls and ornaments to adorn empty shelves.

In addition, you’ll find plenty of recycled glass pieces on the high street at the moment; it’s really surged in popularity recently.  This beautiful type of glass typically comes in a subtle turquoise colour and it has a gorgeous texture, often formed by tiny air bubbles.  Perfect.

Calm and tranquil coastal trend

In terms of textiles, look for pieces decorated with broad stripes, as they’re reminiscent of deckchairs.  The anchor print is having a moment thanks to social media sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

A few cushions featuring the print will offer a trendy nod to the coastal theme without feeling too dated.  Finally, opt for cream wool blankets to tie in with the colour scheme. They’ll be appreciated on those nippy summer evenings.

Yaroomba Beach House coastal-bedroom

Flora & fauna:

Bring the outside in by adding a few leafy plants and succulents to the room. These will add the perfect finishing touch to your space.  Mix and match a range of different plants throughout, but stick with neutral coloured pots to unify the plants and pick up the theme.

Beach Style Living Room coastal-living-room

A little twist on the theme:

Love the ‘stripped back beach house’ look but fancy something a little brighter?  For a unique twist on the tranquil theme, scrap the blues and greens.  Instead, choose your favourite shade as an accent colour to pair with the neutral tones.  Why not try vibrant red, a deep purple or an intense green?

South Palm Beach coastal-bedroom

If this tranquil beach style is something you are inspiring too or you have any great ideas on twists to the theme please leave a comment below.

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