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Bedroom woth double bed and feature wall wallpapered in peacock design

Are you currently thinking about updating the décor in your home?

If so, you may be considering installing some new wallpaper. When choosing wallpaper, you want to choose something that’s trendy and works well in your space. 

Below, we will go over some of the latest wallpaper trends to help give you some inspiration for choosing the right wallpaper for your space. So if you’re ready to find a decorator near you and get started with your renovations, read on. 

Choose a Scenic Wall Mural 

One of the biggest wallpaper trends of the moment is a scenic landscape wall mural. This type of wallpaper is very atmospheric and evocative and will completely transform your space. It’s a great way to bring your imagination to life. 

There are many different wallpapers with creative designs that can add some dimension to even the smallest of rooms. Nature is very trendy at the moment, so this type of wallpaper is great for helping to bring a bit of nature indoors. 

Go For a Full Scale Pattern

Another big style trend this year is maximalism, and it shows no signs of slowing down. In order to achieve this style, you want to choose something that is big and bold. 

Bring out your wild side by choosing something bold and contrasting. A mix of stars, patchworks, stripes, metallic strips, and leopard prints really demonstrate that more can definitely be more. 

Add Lots of Florals

Florals are a big trend of the moment, which is great news as florals can be adapted to suit any space. Whether you’re trying to achieve a modern, retro, or vintage look, florals can truly transform your space and work great in all areas. 

Dark living room interior with large floral designed wallpaper, gold lamps and side table and grey armchairs

Think about the colour scheme that you’re going for. The colours that you choose will act as your guide when it comes to choosing floral designs and will be a basis for pulling your entire scheme together. Think about the size of the flowers. Large flowers may make a small room appear even smaller, so if you’re working with a small space, choose daintier designs to create an illusion of more space. 

Choose Dramatic Graphics

Structured designs have seen a rise in popularity. Dramatic, structured designs can help to provide some structure and security to your home. Gorgeous, dramatic geometrical designs can provide some comfort and aid well with modern design themes. 

Geometric, dramatic designs work very well as a feature wall when accompanied by a deep singular colour on all of the other walls. 

Add Drama With Textures

Wallpaper no longer has to be just a one-dimensional roll of paper on the wall. With new wallpaper technologies available and the development in printing techniques, more surfaces can now be printed onto. 

Adding a type of wallpaper with some texture is one of the best ways to make your home feel comforting. Consider choosing hessian wallpaper for the ultimate cosy and dramatic effect. This will help to make your home feel very comfortable. 

Choose Dramatic Dark Colours

Gone are the days when dark colours were completely avoided in home décor. People used to believe that dark wallpapers made a room seem dark and dingy. However, that is simply not the case. 

Living room with strippy rug, green armchair and dark tropical plant and bird wallpaper

With an elective use of space, smart room lighting, well-placed shapes, and other methods to increase light, deeper colours such as royal blues and emerald greens are making a big comeback. 

Add Wallpaper in the Bathroom

Who said that you can’t use wallpaper in the bathroom? With the current trends, it’s likely that you’ll start to see more and more bathrooms in the UK with wallpaper for the interior décor. 

Wallpaper helps to add some interesting colours, textures, and patterns to the bathroom. Plus, wallpaper is a great cost-effective alternative to tiles. You can find many tile-effect wallpapers that give you the appearance of tiles without the hassle or the high costs. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re currently looking into installing wallpaper in your home, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast choices available. No matter what you do, it’s important to think about your personal style choices as well as what you’re trying to achieve with the space. Look at current trends for some inspiration but just remember, your wallpaper is something you will have to live with potentially over many years, so you want to ensure that you choose something you enjoy looking at and something you feel comfortable living with. 

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