Lighting For Ambiance

Large stylish bedroom with ensuite bathroom and designated ceiling lighting.

The lighting that you select for your home not only adds light to the space but adds to the décor and creates the ambiance of the room.

For a stylish feel add a contemporary ceiling light that adds beauty, and personality to your home, or equally dramtic add a designer wall light to focus on seperate space within your home. 

Table Lamp vs Standing Lamp

Determining if a table lamp or a free-standing lamp is the right fit for your space begins with considering the aesthetic that you prefer, and the size of your room. A table lamp will require a peice of furniture to rest upon, so if your space is small or you prefer a minimalist appearance a standing lamp or floor lamp will leave more space open.  

Designer double bulb table lamp placed on 1970s sideboard

For larger rooms or for those who have a small side table, a table lamp is a suitable solution. It will take up little to no additional space on the floor or it will sit comfortably on the nightstand with little effect on the ability to manouver around it. There are so many different styles available, it’s easy to find a table or standing lamp to fit everyones tast. Such a great way to add an elegant touch to any room within your home.

Ceiling Light vs Wall Light

When adding mood and effective lighting both the ceiling light and the wall light can have a very beneficial effect. A wall lamp will add a focal point to any wall, and can help to frame a picture, artwork and reading space. Plus, by changing the lightbulbs or adding a dimmer switch you have full control over the ambience of the room. Creating the space of your dreams.

When lighting a larger area and needing the light to spread evenly to show up the details within the space, a ceiling light is a great choice. Especially over a dining room table, lighting a kitchen for cooking, or brightening a bedroom for your morning routine. Contemporary ceiling lights can add a subtle way to light your home, on the otherhand a chandelier will add a feel of luxury and opulence.

Daytime Lighting and Bedtime Lighting

When preparing for the day it can be beneficial to have bright lights that show the true colour of the clothing and accessories you decide to wear. This lighting can feel harsh sometimes, but when provided in the right ways it will boost your mood and energy for the day ahead. The easiest way to go from morning and daytime lighting to evening and bedtime lighting is to keep overhead lighting, or wall lights for use during the day, and a bedside lamp that is softer and offers a more calming effect at night. 

Large livingroom with large windows, ceiling spot lights and table lamps

A ceiling light will offer a glow which is wide spread, reaching out across the room. This will allow you to see easily, whilst the design also allows for the addition of a fan. Leaving the floor space open for ease of movement around the room. As the light begins in the center of the room it can reach all corners, and the wide variety of styles and technology can create any type of lighting you need.

Wall lights in a bedroom or living space allow for specific areas of the room to be the focus, such as around a vanity or above a mirror when getting ready for the day, or offering a focused light within a closet or entranceway. Adding a sense of style and personality to the room, that will fit with the rest of your décor. 

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