Why Choosing The Right Lighting Can Make Or Break Your Home’s Interior?

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Most of us are pretty unaware of how much lighting can impact the décor of our homes. Proper lighting remains at the heart of creating a functional and wellcoming home.

If you want to personalise your space whilst making it a practical area to live in, then your choice of an innovative and trendy lighting system is vital. Let’s take a closer look at why lighting is an integral part of your interior decoration and some tips to help you illuminate your rooms perfectly.

Your Lighting Options

One type of lighting is not sufficient for designing an aesthetically lit home. While lighting is one of the simplest ways to increase the functionality of your space, its benefits are optimised when used in layers. There are 3 main types of indoor lighting. Ideally each room should include all.


This type of lighting, also known as general lighting provides the required level of illumination needed for carrying out your daily tasks and safe movement around the house. Recessed lighting, track lighting or wall-mounted fixtures are sources of ambient lighting.


This type of lighting highlights the focus on special areas to create a heightened effect. Mirror lights, picture lights, wall-mounted-fixtures or track lighting are common sources of accent lighting. Dimmers are often used to provide mood lighting.

Mirror with lights on

LED mirrors are good sources of accent lighting and can really spruce up the look of your room, especially bathrooms and make-up areas. Large mirrors can help bring abundant natural daylight to our rooms- forming a source of ambient lighting.


This type of lighting, as the name suggests, help you in completing a particular function like reading or cooking or eating. Table lamps and pendant lights over the kitchen island are sources of task lighting.

Lighting Design By Room

Hallway, Staircase and Lighting

Here are some inspirations to kick start your lighting schemes to make your home look distinguished from the rest.

Entryway or Hallway

You create drama with an opulent chandelier or an oversized pendant light. Supplement this with an exquisitely designed handcrafted table lamp.

Living Space

Recessed lighting or track lighting is a good option for this with an eye-catching overhead fixture over your central seating area.

Dining Room

A large pendant light or chandelier place over your dining table should adequately light up your dining room. Any dark space can be lit by table lamps or floor lights


Easiest to light, bedrooms come with large, bright over head lights with table and night lamps on the side tables.


This area needs complex lighting system. While it is sufficient to hang chandeliers and pendants over the kitchen island, sink and stove areas need task lighting.


Recessed lighting is commonly used here. You could also add task lights around a mirror and have an overhead source above the tub. If you want to add that bit extra you can go all out and add an extravagent chandelier for your bathroom lighting.

For many it comes as an afterthought but choosing the right lighting system for your home can completely transform its look. Creating a mood and an ambience, good lighting and suitable lighting fixtures can improve the overall appeal of your home.

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