FACES Of Spitalfields – Autumn Arts

FACES Of Spitalfields - Autumn Arts - Image From Spitalfields.co.uk

Spitalfields market is known for being a beacon of leftfield thinking – from self-professed foodies and new wave music aficionados to homeware gurus and discerning fashionistas, those looking to buy, sell, and generally become better acquainted with all things ‘cutting edge’ will find ample like-minded individuals here.

Art exhibitions naturally form a complementary staple to the ever popular East End hub for modern creatives. This September, Spitalfields is set to play host to the latest photographic artwork from London based photographer Manos Fotiou, titled FACES of Spitalfields.

What’s the Big Idea Behind FACES of Spitalfields?

FACES Of Spitalfields - Autumn Arts - Image From ManosFotiouPhotography.com

Image Source: ManosFotiouPhotography.com

Bringing something new to a marketplace that’s been a thriving community focal point since the 13th century isn’t easy. The sense of community here is palpable.

Perhaps the fact that Greek born Manos Fotiou spent some time as a Spitalfields trader gives us a valuable and telling insight to his thinking behind the piece (and might also explain how he was able to get up close and personal with those who agreed to take part).

During his time as a trader, Fotiou would have seen first-hand how his fellow traders, porters, and other essential onsite staff came together to encapsulate and carry forward the undying local spirit of craftsmanship.

That’s no doubt exactly why Fotiou has chosen to put these very same people in front of the camera for the first time – the free exhibition (opening September 20th) comprises portraits and other imagery that shine a close-up and entertaining spotlight on life at Spitalfields market.

FACES of Spitalfields – Interactive Exhibition

FACES Of Spitalfields - Autumn Arts - Image From Spitalfields.co.uk

The artworks are accompanied by witty and humorous write-ups that detail some of the most interesting and little-known facts about the starring market staff members.

Should you feel the need to fire up your social media feeds and share your views on any of the artworks from this innovative and introspective installation, remember to use the hashtag #FACESofSpitalfields. You can help your favourite market trader win back their pitch fee by sharing a snap of their portrait under the hashtag.

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