What Your Sports Car Can Say About You

What Your Sports Car Can Say About You - 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/C

Amateur psychologists have always had a lot to say about the relationship between drivers – especially men – and their cars.

Of course, much of this is stereotyping, but still, just as the clothes, accessories and hairstyles we choose say much about our personality and how we want to be seen, so does our choice of car.

Sometimes this can be obvious. A sensible saloon or people carrier suggests you’re married with a family, a hybrid electric car says you’re environmentally friendly and so on.

A clean, neat vehicle generally belongs to a tidy person who likes order and stability. But what about the sports car driver?

Again, stereotypes immediately leap into play; flashy, lots of money, etc. To some degree, these are true, but the implications of owning a sports car actually run much deeper.

Built for speed

What Your Sports Car Can Say About You - Maserati

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A sports car is essentially a racing vehicle adapted for road use. They’re fast, powerful and not particularly economical. Owning a sports car suggests that you like your life to be filled with excitement, risks and glamour.

Because they’re expensive, they’re most commonly owned by affluent young people, but also by a lot of not so well off drivers who aspire to a glamorous lifestyle that’s still slightly out of their budget.

Auto enthusiasts

What Your Sports Car Can Say About You - Jaguar Type D 1955

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Sports cars are also owned by auto enthusiasts and car collectors of all ages. This especially applies to vintage vehicles. Owning a beauty from the fifties or sixties suggests that you appreciate style perhaps more than practicality.

You might also have a matching taste in retro clothes and music, or just an appreciation for classic motor vehicle design.

Lord Laidlaw, the seventh richest man in Scotland, amassed an impressive collection of sports cars that he personally raced in rallies around the world. Having had to give up racing when he turned seventy, it was announced that Lord Laidlaw sells car collection.

Laidlaw described himself as an enthusiast rather than a collector, who saw no reason to keep his cars when he wasn’t using them. The seven cars sold at auction included a valuable 1955 Ecosse Jaguar D-Type, as well as two vintage Maseratis, a 1966 Ferrari and a 1965 Porsche 904.

Choice of colour

What Your Sports Car Can Say About You -1966 Ferrari

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Perhaps more than anything else, your choice of colour reflects your personality. Black is seen as rebellious, sexy, sophisticated and luxurious, as well as suggesting a sense of power and control.

Silver is calm and aloof, but also somewhat conservative. White is status seeking, but also young, fresh and modern. Grey gives an aura of maturity and dignity, red is confident and energetic, blue is practical and slightly introspective, yellow is idealistic and green positive but reactive.

Most importantly, owning a sports car suggests that you enjoy driving: the feeling of speed, the sensation of movement and the feeling of being in control. This can further be extrapolated as meaning that you enjoy your own company, that you’re confident and perhaps just a little bit selfish.

Glamour, style and freedom are more important to you than saving the environment or picking up a brood of children from school – though of course you might have another, more practical vehicle for this purpose!

Ultimately, like a designer outfit or an expensive pair of shoes, a sports car is your way of saying you’re worth it.

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