What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?

Black car

The type of car you drive can reveal a lot about you as a person.

Colour psychology studies your individual characteristics depending on your colour preferences. Although colour psychology is not an exact science, we can still speculate whether behaviour and colour preference are linked. 

New car buyers take the longest to decide on the colour of their car over everything else. Daredevils typically choose red cars, while WAG wannabes opt for a modern white vehicle. 

Consider a personal car leasing service to choose the perfect car model and colour for your personality.

Here are the most common car colours and what they say about your driving personality. 


Black cars are sleek, sophisticated and ooze elegance. The driver of a black vehicle is often intimidating to others and aspiring to be the next Victoria or David Beckham with their fashion choices. The colour black has connotations of power and luxury, making it an excellent choice for executive vehicles. 

However, black cars are twice as likely to be involved in a severe road accident. In fact, there is a significant link between the colour of a vehicle and the number of crashes it’s been involved in. Drivers of black cars are likely to experience road rage. 


On the other end of the spectrum, blue car drivers are stable, safe and cautious when driving. They don’t seek the approval of others and only enjoy being powerful in the workplace. Blue car drivers are more likely to let you out at a road junction – they’re the kinder drivers.


White cars usually symbolise a need for organisation and a modern lifestyle. White car drives are WAG wannabees from long-gone youth who want everyone to know they have the best of everything. A driver in a white car is probably on their way to a hair or nail appointment after watching her kids play in a football match. 


Silver is the most popular colour for cars. However, they are more likely to be stolen because there are so many of them around. Their resale value is higher than other colours, making them easier to sell as well. 

On the plus side, silver car drivers are cool, calm and confident drivers. They have a great sense of self-reliance and are often mature less-risky drivers. Silver cars the least likely to get into crashes.


Drivers of red cars are typically extroverts or daredevils. A red car driver will have high energy levels and a confident sense about them. They are probably the leader of their friendship group as well.

However, with this sense of confidence comes speed. Red car drivers drive fast and unpredictably because their bright colour gives them a false sense of security. 

Drive carefully, no matter the colour of your car!

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