Why Should You Go Solo Sailing?

Sailing yacht at sea

The responsibilities of sailing are usually shared by a crew of seamen. But have you ever considered heading out to sea alone?

As long as you follow sailing safety best practices, solo sailing can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

But why exactly should you go solo sailing?

In this article, we’ll explain why you should go solo sailing.

To learn new skills

From reading instruments to adjusting sails, there are so many techniques to master while sailing a boat. While sailing solo with no one else to rely on, you’ll have ample chance to refine your skills and become a sailing master. 

If you’re new to sailing, it might be better to go on a sailing holiday to get to grips with the basics, before setting sail on your own.

To experience independence

Sailing solo gives you a unique sense of solitude, disconnecting you from modern life, outside support and other people. You’ll have complete control over the boat, your schedule and your destiny. 

Handling navigation, making decisions and reacting to emergencies on your own, you’ll develop a hardened sense of self-reliance that can even help boost your confidence back on land.

To build your fitness

Sailing on your own requires a good level of physical fitness. You’ll need the strength and dexterity to perform each manoeuvre solo, plus the endurance and cardiovascular capacity to do this over longer passages. You can build up your ability by taking smaller voyages to start with, before ramping up as you become more experienced.

To improve mental wellbeing

Learning new skills, being more independent and overcoming physical challenges are all great ways to boost your mental health. Plus, you’ll have undiluted access to the great outdoors and all the proven mental health benefits of spending time in nature.

To become more environmentally conscious

Watching the sun rise and set every morning. Observing fascinating marine life. Navigating squalls and storms. Few experiences bring you as close to nature as solo sailing. After spending time alone on the open seas you’ll develop a new appreciation for the natural world and why we need to take care of it.

To make new friends

Even if you’re sailing alone, this doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. You’re sure to meet with other solo travellers who share your sense of adventure along the way. Who knows who you’ll meet while making a pit stop or exploring an unusual area along your route. Keep an open mind and you might just forge friendships that last a lifetime. 

There are so many reasons to go solo sailing. Which of these benefits are you most looking forward to? Keep safe!

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