How To Boost Space In Your Bedroom

How To Boost Space In Your Bedroom

It’s a problem that every person with their own room or home has experienced; after years of accumulating objects and furnishings, you wake up one day, look around and suddenly notice that there is absolutely nothing in terms of free space in the room!

Now it can be rather difficult to eke out ounces of space after you’ve come to this realisation, however worry no further, with these useful tips you’ll be able to swan around your spacious bedroom in no time!


How To Boost Space In Your Bedroom

The easiest, and most obvious thing you can do to get more space out of your room is to go through all of your items, piles and boxes and throw out the things you no longer want or need in your life. With every object ask yourself the same question: “Have I used or will I use this item in the past or upcoming six months?” If the answer is “no”, then throw it out!

If you want to raise a bit of cash from your items, car boot sales and the like are great for getting some pennies for your old stuff. If you’ve got big items such as TVs, gaming consoles and stereos in your room, try and put these in the living areas instead, plus, if you haven’t got a particularly ordered approach to using your existing storage spaces, organise them so that closet and drawer space is used in the most efficient way possible – we promise it’ll pay dividends!

The Bed

How To Boost Space In Your Bedroom


If you’ve somehow managed to fit a king sized bed into your room and you’re now struggling for space, it’s probably a good idea to downsize, so think about getting a single or double bed to claw back those extra inches of space! There are some great bed frames out there that also double up as storage spaces.

Ottomans are readily available (and are relatively cheap) from online retailers such as Bedstar, and futons, sofa beds and Murphy beds can all create space. Top tip: do some surfing before you go to a furniture warehouse, you’ll definitely save money.

Get Rid of Big Storage

How To Boost Space In Your Bedroom

That wonderful antique wardrobe or chest of drawers might be a wonderful addition to your bedroom, but consider moving it to another room or getting rid of it entirely.

Huge storage furniture is often under-used, and there’s plenty of slimmed-down storage items out there that won’t make as much of an impact on the space. Think vertically!

Do you have any great space saving tips? Tell us them below!

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