5 Things Not to Wear To Your Company’s Christmas Party

5 Things Not to Wear to Your Company’s Christmas Party

If you’ve been invited to your company’s Christmas party this year, you’re probably wondering what you can wear that’s not only practical and comfortable, but will make a good impression on everybody there as well.

Your bosses and colleagues are likely to also be in attendance, so choosing an outfit that makes you stand out for looking smart and presentable is key if you want to impress. Here’s a list of things that definitely shouldn’t appear on your list of possible outfits to wear.

Trackies/Jogging Bottoms

Unless you work for a sports shop and the party has a sporty theme, you should definitely not consider wearing a tracksuit, hooded top, or jogging bottoms to your company’s Christmas party, no matter how comfortable it may be.

Although they’re amazing for wearing around the house or even when you’re just popping out to the shop, they don’t look smart or presentable, and you’ll give off the impression that you don’t really care about your appearance – not good when you’re stood next to your boss.

Woollen Jumpers

Although Christmas jumpers and woollen jumpers are absolutely perfect for the cold weather, you might want to give wearing one to your company’s Christmas party a miss.

Even though a Christmas jumper could add a quirky festive touch, you’ll probably end up far too warm – and not enjoy the party as much as you should have. However, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take one in your bag to throw on for the cold taxi ride home.


5 Things Not to Wear to Your Company’s Christmas Party

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Unless you’re opting for a stylish pair of black jeans, it’s probably best to steer clear of wearing anything denim for your company’s Christmas party, unless it’s a casual get together down at the local pub, and not at a luxury venue provided by Venuesearchlondon.com.

Denim can look really stylish for everyday wear, but it’s not really party wear, so making jeans your outfit of choice could end up looking a little bit scruffy.

Anything Offensive

Even if the party is fancy dress, you should take great care to make sure that your outfit isn’t likely to offend anybody, no matter how funny you think it is.

Remember that everybody’s sense of humour is different, and you wouldn’t want to get into trouble at work simply because that T-shirt you wore for the Christmas party offended a fellow colleague, even though you thought it was hilarious.

Your Work Clothes

Unless you’re going straight from work and really, really don’t have any time to change, don’t wear your work clothes to the Christmas party.

If you do have to go straight from work, taking a change of clothes – or even a change of shirt or top, if you’re wearing black trousers – is a great alternative to turning up in the same clothes that you’ve had on all day.

You don’t want to end up feeling a bit uncomfortable and sweaty – after all, you have been wearing that outfit since 8AM.

If you’ve got any ideas on what or what not to wear to a work Christmas party, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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