How To Wear Your Suit Like A Pro

How To Wear Your Suit Like A Pro - Harry Styles’ Gucci Suit at the Dunkirk Premiere

If you’re a guy who’s trying to impress someone by showing class and elegance, a well-tailored suit is the best thing you can possibly wear.

Many gentlemen understand this and they spend lots of money just to purchase one (or more) that fits right, shows their sense of style, and perfectly suits whatever occasion for which it was intended.

How To Wear Your Suit Like A Pro - Lawrence Zarian At The 2016 Emmy AwardsThere is no shortage of excellent designers and high-end clothing stores that can satisfy this need for you, so there’s really no excuse for you not to have at least one go-to suit sitting somewhere in your closet waiting to blow everybody away.

But, alas, the suit can’t work its magic all by its lonesome. It’s not that uncommon for a guy to have several outstanding suits at his disposal and yet they fail to live up to their potential once they’re actually on his body.

That’s because buying the suit is only half the battle. You then need to know the tricks to really bring it to life and make it seem like it was practically custom-made for you even if it was purchased off the rack.

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t make the effort to round out the suit by following a few tips that will put the icing on the fashion cake and leave everyone who sees you, men and women, walking away impressed.

If you decide that you need to purchase some tailored suits, make sure that you do so from experts in the field who are destined to have just what you’re seeking. In the meantime, here are some ideas to make sure that your stylish suit is properly brought to life.

Properly Pressed

How To Wear Your Suit Like A Pro - Mario Lopez At The 2016 Emmy AwardsIf you walk into a party wearing an excellent suit that’s full of wrinkles, it will likely send out an impression that is exactly the opposite of what you desired.

Failing to properly press your suit before you put it on actually signifies that you’re wasteful and don’t really have any concern about your appearance. It’s sort of like ordering an expensive meal and then dousing it with ketchup.

Add an extra ten minutes to your preparation time for pressing to make sure every piece of the suit is crisp and wrinkle-free.


Having a great suit is one thing; having one that is accessorised perfectly can really put you on another level fashion-wise. Maybe it’s a matter of choosing the right watch, or, if you’re going to be outdoors, having a stylish pair of sunglasses on hand. In any case, those little touches mean a lot.

Stand Up Straight

If your suit has been tailored correctly, it should really be a compliment to your body type, no matter what it is. But if you’re slouching, all of that extra benefit will be lost. Concentrate on your posture to really add to what the suit is doing for you.

Remember that anyone can buy a suit and have it tailored. It’s the men who know how to wear them that really stand out from the pack.

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