5 Benefits To Using Composite Decking

5 Benefits To Using Composite Decking

When living in an urban environment, it’s so important to make use of all available space, particularly any outside space you may have.

Being able to enjoy outdoor areas you have when living and working in a busy city such as London can have enormous benefits for both your physical and mental health. One of the best ways to make use of outdoor space in an urban environment is with composite decking.

Here are five reasons why composite decking is an excellent option for any outdoor area:


Living in Britain, we all know that the weather can be challenging at times. Even during the summer months, it’s not uncommon for the weather to turn from glorious sun one day to heavy rain the next. Having an outdoor space that can withstand the weather all year round is therefore essential. Composite decking is more durable than traditional wood decking which can fade and warp from weathering. Also, traditional wood decking is prone to splintering or slitting, while composite decking does not have this issue so you will be able to enjoy the outside space for longer.


5 Benefits To Using Composite Decking

Because of the unpredictable British weather, when there is a glorious sunny day you want to be able to enjoy your outside space with as little hassle as possible. Tradition wood decking requires staining or painting to protect it from the elements and so you may find yourself, on the first beautiful day of summer, having to do a fair amount of work to get your outside space presentable to be able to invite friends round. Composite decking is quick and easy to clean so won’t take a vast amount of time before you’re able to enjoy the space.


As stated before, composite decking will not only last longer than traditional wood decking, but it is also more environmentally friendly. Composite decking, while having the feel of freshly cut wood decking, does not require new wood to be cut. Recycled wood along with reclaimed wood scraps and recycled plastics are all combined under pressure and heat to be formed into the composite boards. While this process does require energy use, this is lower than the overall environmental impact of cutting down hardwood trees or chemically treating softwood trees along with the waste product produced in making tradition wooden decking.


5 Benefits To Using Composite Decking

Anyone looking to invest in decking for an outside space will initially look at the pricing of traditional wood compared to composite and will usually see that the wood option is cheaper. While this may be true in the short term, it’s important to remember that because of the lower maintenance costs and longer life span of the product, over time the composite option will work out cheaper.


Outdoor space is as much about self-expression as indoor space, so being able to tailor the space to your style is essential. Composite decking come in a range of colours that can match traditional hardwood. Also, composite decking does not require nails or screws, so the overall finish of the decking is much smother creating a sleek and modern finish.

It’s clear that the advantages to composite decking make it an excellent option for any outdoor space you have to maximise the space and ensure that when the time comes to enjoy the space, you can do.

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