Turn Your Fireplace Into A Fabulous Focal Point


Is your fireplace in dire need of a make-over?

Whether it is old and tired or you have a brand new surround freshly installed and ready for decorating, we have plenty of inspiration for you below.


This guide is perfect for anybody looking to renovate or modernise their home.


Follow our tips to turn your fireplace into a fabulous focal point.


Fireplace Surround:

Transform your fireplace surround with a quick lick of paint. This is a quick and easy budget friendly-DIY project that will make a large impact on its own.  Choose an unusual colour to create a bold statement:

painting your fireplace

Or, select a classic neutral shade for a graceful focal point:

White fireplace
RESOURCE: This article tells you how to paint your fireplace and contains step-by-step pictures!


The mantlepiece is the shelf above the fireplace. It may be part of the surround, or you may have a “floating” mantel (which is a piece of wood hovering above the fire).  Invoke your inner interior decorator and have fun styling your mantlepiece.

unknown source

Trouble getting started?  Here are a few tips:

  • ARTWORK: Keep the mantlepiece free from clutter and create a gallery-style wall above.
  • MIRROR: Prop up a large mirror. This will create a lovely, spacious and light feeling in your room.
  • DISPLAY: Use the mantelpiece to display a collection of your favourite items. Curate ornaments that suit the character of the room you wish to create. Opt for unique, interesting items with a bit of personality. They’ll become a talking point with friends and family. Play around with scale and balance.
  • COLOUR: Don’t be afraid to play with colour and tone. You could pick a colour scheme, opt for clashing brights, or even go for monochrome (for instance, white-on-white or grey-on-grey).

Chimney Breast:

The chimney breast is the wall that sticks out to surround the fireplace.  You can create a larger focal point in the room by decorating the entire chimney breast. This is particularly suited to larger rooms.


Give your chimney breast a makeover by painting it, adding an interesting wallpaper or tiling it in a unique design.



Replace your old, chipped hearth with something more modern.  There are plenty of trendy granite hearths designed for stoves on the market. A new hearth will give your room an instant update.  Granite is tough and durable. It also comes in a range of smooth matte and polished finishes.



Alcoves are the recesses next to the fireplace.  They’re sometimes awkwardly sized.


Style the two alcoves and turn the entire wall into a show-stopping focal point. Here is a little inspiration:

  • SHELVING: Install floor to ceiling shelving and use the alcoves to display ornaments, books, logs or even vinyl records. Paint your shelving unit the same colour as your wall, chimney breast and fire surround for a show-stopping look.
  • STORAGE: Make use of built-in storage to provide a home for children’s toys, paperwork and other miscellaneous items.
  • TELEVISION: Many homeowners place a television set in the alcove. Of course, this depends on the size of your alcove and the layout of your living room.
  • SEATING: Add a storage bench or comfy armchair to one of the alcoves next to your fireplace. Arrange plump cushions and install soft, glowing lights to create the perfect cosy nook for the bookworms in your family.
  • ARTWORK: Create a gallery wall to display your favourite pieces of art next to the fireplace. There’s a great how-to guide that walks you through the process on abeautifulmess.com.
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