Fantastic Ways To Create A Family Garden

Garden with pathing area with table and chairs and BBQ

A family garden will become the ultimate place to spend quality time with your family.

The space should offer something for every family member while having a relaxed ambiance. The kids can enjoy a play area equipped with toys, and the parents can enjoy al fresco dining while having the play area in sight to monitor the kids. Combining a few functionalities under one veranda while keeping the area stylish is still possible. This post shares ideas and inspirations for creating a family garden for your needs.

Offer something for everyone

You’ll be guided by your needs and preferences when designing your family garden. Consider every family member and provide them the space they need to relax. The play area is ideal for parents with children, a secluded reading nook provides privacy for teens, allowing them to enjoy a good book or listen to music, and a large dining table will alough family and friends to gather for al fresco dining. By creating separate zones you will allow for your family to have valuable privacy. For example, by adding a relaxed lounge area with beanbags for your teenagers. 

Fire pit as a focal point

A cozy seating area centered around a fire pit is an excellent addition to your garden. You will enjoy the romantic atmosphere and mood of the crackling fire and if it’s a family evening you can keep the children occupied with toasted marshmallows. 

Fire pit in garden with outdoor seating

The fire pit is a versatile feature that is easy to implement in various styles and budgets. You can make your fire pit using cinder blocks. Or, you can get a modern and sophisticated fire pit that fits your particular style.

Stick to a particular style

Choosing a style that matches your interior and exterior will keep the garden design cohesive. Use materials that complement your architectural style to create a seamless transition to the outdoor space. Sophisticated decking boards paired with metal frame furniture will bring a contemporary vibe to your garden. 

Add colours and shapes

If you prefer a playful and charming garden design, feel free to add a range of shapes and colours. A raised flower bed with a curved shape adds visual interest and enhances the design, especially when adding a stepping stone paved path to follow the form. It’s then a good idea to enhance the layout with tables and chairs in vivid colors.

Luscious lawn

Families with children will benefit from this simple setting. Let the luscious lawn become a central focal point and show off your excellent gardening skills.

Large lawned garden with trampolin and kids play area

Your seating area will overlook the green grass and leafy bushes, providing a relaxing view. Plus, an ample lawn area offers plenty of space for children to play. Especially if you add a trampoline or swing for the kids to play on. 

Convert the shed

The old garden shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore in your family garden. You can renovate the old shed and give it a new purpose. Many homeowners will paint the shed to fit their style, then, feel free to use the space in a way that matches your wishes. Turn it into a cozy playroom for the kids or create an outdoor bar for gatherings with friends and family

Al fresco dining table

A dining table will gather the whole family in one place, although make sure to get a large enough table to accommodate every family member and allow ample space for guests. Adding a grill will mean you can enjoy an outdoors meal on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Feel free to add string lights and an adorable table runner to enhance the setting and make it feel more welcoming. Adding an outdoor kitchen sounds like an excellent idea too, if you are a big fan of outdoor suppers.  

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