Looking Ahead To The Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends Of 2021

Fashionable street style outfit from Milan, Italy

While it might seem like summer’s only just arrived, the fact is that colder weather is just around the corner, and many savvy fashionistas will be looking to make wardrobe changes in line with the coming season.

Women’s tops, trousers and skirts are, it is hoped, set to fly off the shelves in a much-needed industry bounce back.

But exactly what trends should we expect this time around? In short, designers are responding to real-world events. We spent so much time indoors last year that some of us will look to go back in the other direction, and be as bold and expressive as possible. At the same time, there’s likely to be a persistent appreciation of home life and comfort, with many shoppers having re-evaluated their personal priorities.


The colour dominating catwalks and high streets this year, it seems, is green. Green trousers, green tops, green dresses. In keeping with a trend toward single-colour ensembles (which we’ll get to), your green outfit should ideally be exclusively green.

Going Big

Milan, Italy - Fashionable woman wearing Fendi outfit and handbag

Wacky shapes and textures are par for the course in the ‘Out Out’ trend. These are the items which might have been just a little too out there in previous years, but which many of us are fearless enough to attempt. 

Going One-colour

While you might think that more colours would equal more expressiveness, the trend is instead toward emphasising just a single colour in a matched outfit. The clashes that you might remember from previous winters are well and truly out – which might give you call for a little bit of wardrobe revision. 


Clothes with holes in them are, it turns out, incredibly fashionable. They’re also versatile, as they can be layered during winter to show a little bit of flesh, or to create a contrast with whatever you’re wearing underneath. This is actually a repeat of a trend from a few years ago, so you needn’t put your hand in your pocket.

Puffer Jackets

Women with brown hair wearing orange puffer jacket

These space-age garments are back, in all of their nostalgia-inspiring glory. This is partly in keeping with a trend toward big and bold shapes. Expect to see puffer jackets in all shapes and colours this season, from cropped to oversized and long. It won’t be long until you’re digging into your archives for that nostalgic puffer. 

Large-scale Knitwear

The enthusiasm for knitwear is undoubtedly a hangover of the lockdown period, during which we all craved something plush to lounge around in. Now, designers have decided that if there’s one thing better than a woolly jumper, it’s a full-body knitted suit.

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