Garden Design For Natural Pest Control

Snail closeup shot on plant

Today there are more easy garden ideas than ever before.

There are countless ways to spruce things up for every space, from small back gardens to spacious expanses. But with today’s emphasis on using eco-friendly materials, as well as moving away from dangerous chemicals, it can be tough to protect your garden from the inevitable slugs and snails while also protecting the planet.

So, this is where garden edging comes in. With lawn edging, you can easily keep your plants and lawn safe from garden pests while also breaking the garden up with decorative and eye-catching borders.

Use colourful edging

Bright, eye-catching colourful edging is perfect for decorative or child-friendly gardens. Use colourful edging to separate play areas or paths from the rest of the garden. 

Available in a range of lovely natural tones, aluminium or zinc metal edging complements stone garden paths or wooden play furniture very well.

Make a raised flower bed

Even a small raised border between your flower bed and the surrounding lawn can go a long way in preventing the pests you share your garden with from gaining access. A raised border also helps to draw the eye towards your garden features and prevents more boisterous plants from trying to take over your lawn.

Metal raised flower bed

If you want to invest in a non-toxic pest-repelling option that looks great, this low-maintenance Ultra Strong Aluminium Lawn Edging is the way to go. This metal edging is mould-proof, pest-proof, high-quality and non-warping. Or, this Blooma Pine Log Edging is another great option.

Create a pebble path

For a quick, easy-care way to give your garden a bit of magic, look no further than creating a pebble path. Whether it’s part of a fairy garden, incorporated into your ‘piece of the beach’ or just on its own, a pebble path always looks brilliant. 

And what better way to keep those pesky pebbles out of your lawn than with this unique lawn edging? Whether your path curves and snakes around the garden or leads straight to a central point, you can count on this flexible, easy-to-lay edging to hold the trail in place. 

Make a centrepiece

Sparse, unbroken grass lawns can be so bland. Why not place a focal point in the centre of your garden? Whether it’s a small tree or shrub, or a favourite ornament or water feature, shine the spotlight in the centre of your garden!

Garden divided up into sections with metal borders

Whatever you choose to make a feature of, you’ll need a way of separating your centrepiece from the surrounding plants and pests. Metal Lawn Edging is perfect. Available in a range of panel sizes, this metal edging can support any object you want. Plus, flexible and easy to work with, this lawn edging is the perfect fit for even the most irregular shape.

Do something modular

As the seasons change and you rearrange your space, you start to figure out what works best in your specific garden. Those flowers that weren’t doing well in your raised bed suddenly begin to thrive – in the greenhouse. Or maybe a tree finally started to grow but is blotting out the light for the plants around it, forcing you to dig up most of your garden with every inch of growth if you want to keep your other plants. 

We’ve already written about how to make the best use of a small garden space, and here you get another tip. Whatever the reason you’re constantly rearranging your garden, you don’t have to keep buying new dividers and pots – just use modular edging pieces. Made from durable metal, you’ll be able to use it time and time again. Plus, the long spikes dig deep down into your lawn, preventing the roots of neighbouring plants from beginning to encroach on your space without the need for you to buy another item. When you’re done, this eco-friendly option is fully recyclable.

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