Dark Kitchen: Let There Be Light!

Dark Kitchen: Let There Be Light!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all kitchens were bright, welcoming spaces flooded with natural light?

Unfortunately, some kitchen spaces aren’t that lucky in the light department – but don’t despair, help is here. Whether your available budget is large or small, there are many ways in which you can maximise the light in the room, turning a dull and poorly lit kitchen into a joyous space you’ll love to spend time in.

Here are 5 ideas on how to achieve this.

Free the windows

Whatever glass surfaces there are, make the most of them so that the maximum of natural light can enter. For windows, this means a minimum of window dressings (sheer, light coloured curtains or blinds are better than dark heavy drapes) or other items that could obstruct the light coming in, such as pot plants or knickknacks on the windowsill.

Next, think about the layout of your kitchen to see if the units don’t block the light from outside. Keeping kitchen cabinets away from windows will help to improve the flow of space and light no end.

What’s on the wall?

Dark Kitchen: Let There Be Light!

White is known to reflect the light, so make sure you introduce plenty of white into your kitchen. Choosing white painted walls and white kitchen units white can create a seamless flow of surfaces that make your kitchen space feel bigger, brighter and more open.

If your kitchen units are a dark or matte shade, it may be time for a refresh. If the budget stretches, replace with paler coloured units. For a cheap and cheerful refurb, simply repainting existing doors in a lighter shade won’t take long and can make a substantial difference.

Add light creatively

Make the most of any existing brightness you may have by using reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. For kitchen cabinets, choose a high gloss finish, perhaps in combination with glass doors, and complement with metallic finishes on appliances such as fridges, microwaves, chimney cooker hoods etc.

Once night falls, your artificial lighting scheme should consist of different layers of lighting to add depth and drama to basic ambient ceiling lighting. Spotlights and recessed lights are a great idea to illuminate niches and open shelving, while additional under cabinet lighting can act as task lighting. Why not add a standout neon light feature to give your kitchen a real wow factor?

Architectural upgrades

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Image Source: Kristen & Bell

For a permanent solution that will enhance the value of your home, you can make structural alterations that will solve the problem of poor lighting once and for all. If your kitchen is a single storey space, consider raising the ceiling height, introducing a skylight or an angled rooflight to allow some sunlight to enter a space that never had the benefit of bright natural light before.

The more glass you can introduce, the better the effect will be. From glass roofs to conservatory windows to entire glass walls, it’s worth consulting with an architect or a roofer and structural engineer to see what is possible in the space.

Get rid of clutter

Finally, whatever the size of your kitchen may be, if it’s filled to the brim with clutter, the space will always seem more cramped than it really is. A clean and organised kitchen, on the other hand, looks nice and bright at all times. Plus there’s the added bonus that you can easily lay your hands on any item you need, without the need to rummage.

It doesn’t cost anything to spend an afternoon tidying up and organising your kitchen. The result? You’ll find that your clean, clutter free kitchen is not only good for the soul, it intensifies the available light in the room.

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