Garden Tips: Which Tools Should A Gardener Keep

Garden Tips: Which Tools Should A Gardener Keep

Summer is back in season, and (arguably) not a moment too soon.

After all, hottest days of the year have been popping up so frequently over the past few months that they appear to have lost all meaning. It can seem like everyday is the hottest day of the year these days! Nevertheless, one kind of person is benefiting from all the summer sunshine and storms; gardeners!

Many people now spend lots of time maintaining and adapting their gardens, and it’s in no small part due to the changes in weather. Plant life thrives on exposure to the sun and rainfall, meaning that gardens can blossom into a new kind of best. Of course, it’s not as simple as plopping a plant into a patch of mud; it takes care, attention and a collection of pristine tools. Here’s a quickfire list of all the gear a gardener should keep, and an idea of the results from their usage.

Shovels and Spades

Garden Tips: Which Tools Should A Gardener Keep

When most people think of gardens, they think of plants, winding pathways, maybe the odd fountain, and of course, green grass. There’s a great journey that takes place between a patch of grass and a pristine garden, and often, it requires a levelling of the terrain on some level. After all, everything in the garden is open to customisation.

However, there’s two tools that make it all possible, masters of the gardening arts that are capable of bending the very terrain to their will. Yes, spades and shovels are two different but complimentary tools, and ultimately work together to craft and shape the very architecture of any garden.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, both tools have evolved a great deal through the years and are just iconic of the garden world. They can carve out the very garden you want to make, whether it’s patting down a gravel made pathway or shovelling a hole to fit a fountain. They can also create the space for the plants and pry out bothersome stones from the soil. Spades and shovels, in all their variations, get the job done soundly.

Rakes, Lawn Mowers and Leaf blowers

Garden Tips: Which Tools Should A Gardener Keep

Working on a garden is a messy affair. After everything’s been dug up, weeded, reassembled, patted down etc, there can still be some remnants of the chaos left over. The chaos doesn’t even have to arrive after garden work! No matter the season, whether it’s summer or particularly autumn, a regular clean-up operation is required to keep everything tidy and in shape.

Rakes, lawn mowers and leaf blowers are essential to maintaining a healthy garden. For example, rakes can pool together all the leaves or litter in an instant, saving the time of roaming around the garden with a bin and picking things up yourself. What’s more, if grass is overlong it can actually be a hazard, so regularly mowing the lawn keeps garden users safe and comfortable.

Being equipped to keep things tidy is essential, as it can give you not just cleanliness and safety satisfaction, but a lot of style points too. Freshly trimmed grass and a lack of littering leaves keeps everything immaculate and pristine. Regularly upkeeping this kind of maintenance can give your garden an open feel, where there’s no annoying obstructions getting underfoot and no irritations to spoil your style. Ultimately, it’s worth dipping in and sprucing up the garden regularly.

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