What To Look For When Buying Luxury Living Room Furniture

What To Look For When Buying Luxury Living Room Furniture - Image From Calia Italia

The living room is a very important space in any house since it is where the family spends quality time together. Also, this is the place you are likely to entertain your guests in.

It is, therefore, correct to say that you need to choose your furniture wisely for that perfect, elegant and welcoming feeling that a living room offers.

The furniture should also withstand the daily wear and tear it gets exposed to. Before selecting your most preferred luxury living room furniture, there are some things to consider.


You need furniture that feels heavy and solid, and that is why you should avoid going for frames made out of light aluminium. Instead, go for solid wood frames as they are more durable, making them favourites in the making of fine furniture.

Do not forget to check the price. It should go hand in hand with expectations of how long the furniture is going to last. Check the cushions too when looking at its construction.

Any luxury furniture should have wrapped foam cushions since they last longer and are very snug. Avoid cushions that are filled with down. This is because the fillings end up getting too hard and uncomfortable or breaking into smaller pieces.

You should never buy anything without testing it first; in this case, you should do a sit test. No matter how elegant your furniture looks, it will not bring you joy your looking for if ultimately it’s not really comfortable.

Go for High-Quality and Stain-Resistant Fabrics

What To Look For When Buying Luxury Living Room Furniture - Red Wine

Luxurious and high-quality material should be used in the manufacturing of luxury furniture, as it will keep you feeling comfortable. It will also last longer than cheaper fabric.

If you have toddlers, getting stain-resistant fabrics is important. Also, if you regularly entertain guests, spills are likely to occur thus, the need for stain-resistant fabrics.

For a more formal living room, go for lighter coloured fabrics. However, if you expect a lot of traffic, a slightly darker fabric would be the appropriate option.


If you decide to buy furniture that has exposed wood, the finish colour or stain is a crucial factor to put into consideration. You will be surprised to know that many pieces can be changed by the tone of the finish.

For example, you can alter a traditional chair to a contemporary one by simply changing its cherry stain to a black hue. Also, a mahogany seat can be painted white for that instant feminine appearance.

Choose a Loveseat Instead of a Sofa

What To Look For When Buying Luxury Living Room Furniture - Love Seat

If your living room space is limited, choose a loveseat instead of a sofa. This is because two people can use the loveseat and later transform it into a bed.

For those with smaller living rooms, this is the best option as it will help them save on space and also reap more benefits from the loveseat once it gets transformed into a bed.

Understand your Theme

There are different ways you can divide the interior design themes. However, the main ones include traditional, modern, contemporary, old world and casual.

  • Contemporary and modern furniture come in sleek and crisp lines. Most of them are beige, white or any other neutral hue. They normally have metal, glass and shiny black lacquer instead of wood.
  • Traditional furniture is usually elegant and offers a formal look. It might come with skirted bottoms and rolled arms. Their colours include red, ivory and other rich hues.
  • Casual furniture is usually cosy and friendly with most pieces making use of small prints, plaid and other different patterns
  • Old World furniture is comprised of Spanish, Italian and French designs. Go for rustic and antique pieces that come in earthy colours.

If you are looking for such seats, consider Calia Italia sofas. They offer some of the most luxurious sofas on the market.

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