Urban Gardens, Perfect For City Centre Living

Urban Gardens, Perfect For City Centre Living

Convenient, city centre living can come with its downsides.

Parking is often a nightmare and expensive, rent tends to rise and the traffic can be unbearable. That being said, there is something quite magical about having the town centre right on your doorstep, a weird draw that makes the downsides seem worth it.

One common complaint with city centre living is the lack of greenery. It’s rare that apartments will come with gardens, and if they do, they can be the same size as the box bedroom.

However, A lack of garden or ample garden space doesn’t have to hold you back, and Oakwood Doors; a leading UK provider of internal and external doors, have provided their top garden hacks.

Take a look and see if any of these could help you get a bit of what you’re missing.

Urban Gardens, Perfect For City Centre Living

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Having a small patio floor shouldn’t hold you back. Using potted plants and small garden furniture is a great way to turn a wooden or concrete patio into a fantastic little garden. You can make a somewhat industrial looking space into a tiny green getaway.

Adding a mirror can help to make a small space feel much bigger. It might take a little more upkeep as it will be exposed to the great outdoors, but it really does give the illusion of size.

Urban Gardens, Perfect For City Centre Living

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If you want something a little more private using framework and climbing plants could be the answer. There are also hundreds of lighting options you can use, just make sure the lights are suitable for outdoor use. Again, this is perfect if you don’t have any groundsoil to plant things in.

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If you don’t have any outdoor space you can use it’s time to bring the garden inside. Using shelving or a bench creates a great internal garden space, and you can add loads of different potted plants to create whatever look you want!

Just make sure you position your internal garden where it will be exposed to sunlight and ensure you water the plants regularly. If you’ve got enough room, add a garden chair to add to the outdoor feel.

Urban Gardens, Perfect For City Centre Living

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The key is to get creative. If you’re living in a small space then utilise whatever room you can, even if it’s just a windowsill. Using shelving or hanging baskets like seen above is a great way to add some plants and ensure they get the sunlight they need.

You will need to account for a little leakage once they’re watered, so being by a sink may be best.

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