Art & Design Exhibitions In London

Art & Design Exhibitions In London - Carsten Höller Hayward Gallery

The capital is simply full of culture, but with so much going on it can be tricky to decide what to go to!

Here’s a guide to a couple of absolute must-see exhibitions to check out right now.



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Carsten Höller’s latest exhibition ‘Decision’ at the Heyward Gallery requires you to get hands on with the art, whether it’s finding your way through pitch-black metal corridors from the entrance to the lower gallery; gripping on to the handrail of a flying machine that soars over Waterloo Bridge; attempting to get inside a giant die; taking a red and white pill that may or may not be a placebo or getting yourself in position before you whoosh down a slide upon exiting the show.

It’s an immersive experience from start to finish! The key element of the exhibition is decision-making, hence the exhibition’s title. From the moment you step into the gallery’s foyer, Höller offers numerous choices to make – starting with whether to take the A or B entrance into the exhibition.

The show alternates between direct engagement and ripples of composed contemplation, Höller urges us to consider alternative possibilities as we go around, and the effects of our own decisions…. Plus, it’s like an adult’s playground, so get stuck in and have fun!


Paperfest is an annual celebration of success in independent and creative businesses where a variety of inspirational speakers are invited to talk.

It brings together the most gorgeous and glamorous community of paper and design lovers, treating them to a day of networking and talks from some of the most inspirational women in the creative industry – this year the keynote speaker is none other than design guru Cath Kidston!

This year it’s on July 25th at The Music Room in Mayfair, tickets are selling fast so get yours while you can… but don’t worry if you miss out – you can always go next year!

London Tattoo Convention

Art & Design Exhibitions In London - London Tattoo Convention 2015; Ami James from Miami Ink, Tim Hendricks From NY Ink, & Phil Kyle From London Ink.

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If you have tattoos, want your first tattoo, or just love the artwork, then get yourself down to one of the most respected and prestigious tattoo conventions in the world. Over 400 of the world’s finest tattoo artists will be there, including Ami James from Miami Ink, Tim Hendricks from NY Ink, and Phil Kyle from London Ink.

The most famous artists will most likely already be booked up for their time at the convention, but many fantastic artists will also have set time aside for on the day walk-ups. The Convention has already been running for over a decade, and in that time attendance has rocketed from 3,500 to well over 20,000 – making it one of the most significant gatherings for the tattoo industry in the world.

There’s also a smorgasbord of fantastic live musical acts, spectacular alternative entertainers and inspirational exhibitions.

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