DIY Tips For Using Moisture Absorbers

condensation on window glass. Moisture and humidity in the house.

When your home is suffering damp a good option would be to use a moisture absorber.

If you decide to purchase one there are a number of areas you need to consider.

Combating moisture in your home

Damp indoor air conditions are usually caused by too much moisture in the air or soil near a home and can cause multiple issues for homeowners. Not only can too much moisture cause damp and unsightly patches on walls and furniture but it can also lead to mould on the walls inside your home. To avoid the health and structural problems caused by excess moisture in the air, using a simple moisture absorber is an excellent, easy-to-use solution.

Do you need a moisture absorber?

Before deciding on the best moisture absorber for your home you need to establish whether you have a problem and to what degree. Here are some useful questions to ask when evaluating the moisture levels at home:

  • Does your home have a damp or musty smell? This will be worse during winter but may be noticeable all year round
  • Is there visible damp or mould on the walls, ceiling or even on fabrics and books in the home?
  • Are the members of your household suffering from allergies or respiratory problems like hay fever or asthma? These may be cause by damp and invisible mould or mildew spores in the air

The benefits of using a moisture absorber in your home

Using a moisture absorber in your home helps to maintain the air quality and ensures you have the right levels of moisture in the air. It will help to combat mould and mildew in the home and avoid health problems related to poor air quality. The people using the home will experience improved well-being and comfort and your walls, ceilings, books and other personal belongings will be protected too, so it’s a great idea to invest in a good quality moisture absorber.

Here are some more benefits of using a dehumidifier in your home.

What moisture absorber should I get?

The best moisture absorber devices help to control moisture in the air and may also come with a scent or aromatherapy device included. They come in different sizes so you can get large ones for a bigger living room, medium-sized versions for bedrooms and small space moisture absorbers for bathrooms.

Unibond Aero 360 moisture absorber

The Unibond AERO 360º is a very efficient moisture absorber that offers a high level of absorption. This dehumidifier ensures that condensation is controlled to prevent the formation of mould and musty smells. It has the added benefit of being refillable. It has a special 2-in 1 refill that helps to absorb unpleasant smells and an aerodynamic design that improves air circulation around the room.

Moisture is usually collected within the system within 12 hours. Its one-touch loading tray makes it really easy to empty and refill plus its 100% spill-proof and the drainage spout makes it easy to remove any moisture from the device.

What about small rooms?

The Unibond AERO 360º Compact device is the ideal solution for smaller rooms. Featuring all the benefits of the standard model, this compact version absorbs moisture to control the climate in your home. It prevents condensation and issues like mildew, to ensure the home is healthy and comfortable.

It also uses ultra-active crystals and a special wave-shaped surface to cleanse the air in your home. Its design enhances air exposure and circulation. Anti-odour agents capture and neutralise bad smells. When a refill is needed the device will indicate that it’s time to refill.

If drywall problems are adding to the damp in your home, there are a number of options you can consider when repairing the drywall in your home to prevent future problems with mould and air circulation.

Invest in a moisture device for the health of your family

If your home has poor air circulation you will be able to smell and feel the damp in the air. This dampness will ultimately lead to problems with mould and mildew in the walls, belongings and fabrics in the home.

Person holding a blue blue asthma inhaler

It can also lead to respiratory problems like asthma and allergies. An efficient moisture absorbing device is a great investment to keep the air in your home safe.

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