5 Of The Most Elegant Water Filter Models

Hand holding glass whilst water pooring into the glass from a water filter

These days many of us are not entirely eager to drink water straight from the tap, but at the same time, we consciously don’t want to buy bottled water.

Meeting in the middle is the option to use a filtering system to further clean tap water. A great method to both provides better tasting water while also not contributing to plastic waste landfills. 

Standard tap water is not as bad as we make it out to be and it very much depends on the region. For this reason, seeking to implement a simple water filter on the counter seems like a viable choice, one that comes with some beautiful models to boot. Depending on water quality different filtering media are used to clean water, and to find out about individual types see watermasterz.com

Wanda Carafe

A simplistic and tasteful water filter jug that uses a charcoal bamboo filtering medium. This cartridge-looking bamboo filter is simply inserted into the water jug and can drastically improve water odor and taste. Not only that but it also adds a few extra minerals to the water composition like potassium and magnesium.

Wanda Carafe and Filter
Wanda Carafe and Filter

As a hand-made glass carafe, it’s a very good alternative to plastic bottles. The bamboo filter is biodegradable, which is a plus in the eco-conscious sphere. A most attractive water filter, bordering on archaic in its overall look, with a compact design to fit in the fridge. After the filter is done it can be crushed and spread in the garden to feed the plants. 

Lifestraw Home

A more traditional-looking water filter pitcher with innovative water filtration technology that claims to remove heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, microplastics, and much more. It features a filtering medium encompassing activated carbon and ion exchange filter in the same cartridge. Its efficiency is famed especially because of this dual filtering system. 

LifeStraw Home 7 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
LifeStraw Home 7 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Made with either BPA-free plastic or glass, designed to look quite graceful. It would look very stunning on a dinner table or the counter. This model also comes in a variety of three colours offering to fit multiple colour schemes. When one of these models is purchased, part of the earnings goes to providing clean water to schools in developing countries. 

Ph Replenish and Ph Vitality Water Filter Jugs

Two very elegant water filters that use the same filtration method and medium, but have different designs. The filtering medium comes in pouch form and contains the granules through which water will be purified. This little filtering pouch is capable of removing heavy metals, taste and smell altering chlorine, and even free radicals. It also introduces antioxidants and improves alkalinity and pH level. 

The pH replenish pitcher is made from borosilicate glass, which makes it highly resistant to thermal shock while looking like a wine decanter. This glass pitcher also has an insert feature where the filtering pouch is to be placed. The thermal resistant option will mean it can also be used to infuse tea. 

The pH vitality pitcher is made from stainless steel material, impervious to corrosion, and very easy to clean. A more sleek design that very much resembles a standard jug with a wooden handle to complete the aesthetic. It has a stainless steel filter guard that keeps the filtering pouch in the jug while pouring. 

The Aquaovo Tower

A gorgeous countertop water filter from Aquaovo that has a unique design as a water tower. Both the water container and the filter cartridge are crafted with glass that allows all 4 layers of the filtering media to be visible, adding to this filter elegancy. This cartridge contains activated carbon, microporous bioceramics, and quartz crystals, all of which work together to clean up to 99% of heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, fungi, and limescale. 

The Tower, Glass Filter Jug ​​By Aquaovo
The Tower, Glass Filter Jug ​​By Aquaovo

Filtered water is then accessed through a dispenser at the base. Finally, to complete this gorgeous aesthetic, the tower sits on stainless steel legs also made to look like water tower legs to complement the overall design. The added benefit of this design is that it can be used as a regular beverage dispenser if one chooses so, by removing the cartridge filter first. 

Fitting With the Kitchen Interior

For some, it’s not only about the filtration part of the water cleaning device but also about how one such device can fit with the kitchen interior design. There are beautiful options for countertop water filtering devices, some of which have outdone themselves with their creative elegant models. 

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