How To Add Living Space Without Packing Up And Moving Home

How To Add Living Space Without Packing Up And Moving Home - Image Via

It’s inevitable, really. Over time, we each continuously buy, borrow or inherit so much ‘stuff’ that rooms and homes can start to feel cramped.

However, even if you’ve added a couple of kids since you moved into your current home, it’s not always necessary to pack up and move out to get that much-needed extra space. Consider the following more practical solutions before plonking a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your home.

Consider an extension or conservatory

Let’s get the most costly and obvious implications out of the way first. Agreed, any extension or conservatory is going to mean time, money and, therefore, a great deal of thought. However, there’s no doubt that both options provide any homeowner with extra space – and can even add value to the property at the same time.

If you’re dubious about the quality of living space inside a conservatory, rest assured that a combination of modern materials and reliable builders can mean that a new conservatory will be as comfortable as any other room in your home.

Maintain a flexible approach to room design

How To Add Living Space Without Packing Up And Moving Home

Depending on what you are looking for in a new space, you may be able to find what you’re after with a little clever thinking and a couple of new pieces of furniture. Dual-purpose rooms would allow you a practical means of adding a new dimension to an existing room.

For instance, if you’re looking for a study area, why not fill a corner with a compact office? Similarly, with the right multipurpose furniture, you can maintain the aesthetic you love, such as in a bedroom, but make the living space you have ideal for a wider range of activities.

Install loft boarding for extra storage

If you’ve always put off using your loft for fear of the cost that would be involved in turning it into another room, then you may not have heard of loft boarding. Without having to fork out on the cost of a complete renovation of the loft, loft boarding still allows you to create extra storage space – and, thereby, free up space elsewhere in the home.

Loft boarding is also a great way to reduce heat loss in the building. It can come as quite a surprise to learn just how much space is actually in your loft, so check out the award winning loft boarding service from Instaloft for more information on what is on offer with this practical modern living solution.

Take a good look at your furniture

How To Add Living Space Without Packing Up And Moving Home

Could you free up space by simply having a reshuffle, or discarding a few sticks of furniture that don’t get regular use? Something as simple as a corner sofa unit, rather than a two-or-three piece suite, can immediately make a room seem larger.

From these space-saving pieces, you can then reshuffle your shelves and tables, or buy smaller alternatives that fit the new feel of the room. This Forbes article contains various similar useful tips for freeing up space by simply replacing or reusing your existing furniture.

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