Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019 - Night Watch Green - Colour Of 2019 Colour Of The Year.

Seasonal interiors trends have us in a constant dilemma.

Do we purchase the latest trending furniture pieces and lighting or hold fire for the next trend? There’s little doubt interior design can be costly if you try to keep up with the times.

The trick is to pick out the trends that aren’t a flash in the pan and cleverly mix timeless classics with trendy accents. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well, it is actually trickier than you might think.

Predicting what is a one-hit wonder and what will last when it comes to interior design isn’t easy. I’ll be taking a look at the hottest design trends of 2019 to discern what is likely to hang around and what isn’t.

If you don’t want to update your home every couple of years, wise interior design will enable you to incorporate the latest seasonal trends in small inexpensive ways to keep your home up to date, while keeping your bank balance healthy.

Here are some of the trends that are likely to keep on giving.

The vintage vibe

Interior Design Trends 2019
Image Source: Pfeiffer Design

While the modern home continues to evolve, elements of vintage and retro are being cleverly combined with contemporary to add a welcome splash of character. The vintage vibe works really well with modern design. It’s an interior trend that has been around for a while now and it’s set to stay. How do we know? It’s simple to pull off and it works.

Maximalism – will it last?

This season’s loud and large floral prints are at the centre of the latest maximalist trend (don’t worry if this horrifies, serene Scandi and simple retro are still popular looks). So, what is maximalism? Quite simply a backlash against minimalism! The opposite of restraint, maximalism is all about excess.

Minimalist and muted interiors have dominated for so long, it was only a matter of time before pared-back was given the shove. Move over ‘less is less.’ It’s expected that the maximalism trend with its penchant for large floral prints won’t pass quickly. Interiors are craving a brave and bold new look. It’s time to refresh and rewind.

Sumptuous velvet

Interior Design Trends 2019
Image Source: The Girl With The Green Sofa

Has velvet ever really been out? Sumptuous velvet sofas, arm chairs, pouffes, dining chair seat pads, cushions, curtains, headboards and more are the perfect choice for any glamourous home. In fact, most interior styles can accommodate a little velvet in some form or another.

Such a tactile material, velvet adds an air of refined opulence to any room. Velvet was a big home trend in 2018. it’s super versatile and you’ll be pleased to know velvet is a home trend that isn’t going anywhere. This is one trend that definitely keeps on giving.

Natural materials and an oasis of plants

Climate change and sustainability are hot news topics and their seriousness is affecting how we are reshaping our interiors. Natural materials, such as jute, raffia, bamboo and seagrass are bringing an eco-friendly vibe into our living spaces. Revamped and recycled furniture is desirable over mass-produced stuff.

We are seeking out environmentally-friendly furniture producers and as the issue of the environment continues to ring alarm bells, this is an interior trend that is only going to grow.

We continue to bring a bit of the outside inside with indoor planting and we are becoming much more imaginative. We are selecting an increasingly diverse range of indoor plants and rethinking how we display them. Plants are perhaps the easiest way to transform an interior and they are good for your well-being too (they remove toxins from the air and help us to breathe more easily).

2019 interiors colour palette

Night watch is the latest paint colour trend to hit interiors. This rich, luxurious shade of green is set to bring a calm, grounded and healthy feel to interiors. Dark kitchens are also on trend, so this is a colour that would lend well to a kitchen cabinet repaint.

This colour is reminiscent of an elegant by-gone era. It works brilliantly with gold accents (also on trend in interiors). This is a great accent colour if you want to future-proof a large part of your décor with more muted tones. Incidentally, night watch is a fabulous colour for a front door or window shutters.

Keep the drinks trolley

Interior Design Trends 2019
Image Source: Audenza

Drinks trolleys have really come into their own in the past few years. The bar cart continues to feature in interiors as a must-have. Curate your own drinks trolley display to bring a unique flavour to your living room interior. Add a plant and a cocktail shaker and impress your guests with pre-dinner drinks.

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