Making Your Balcony Feel And Look Cozy

Stylish balcony with rattern furniture and white cushions

As the nice sunny days of spring have arrived, and summer is just around the corner, staying indoors is barely an option.

Throughout history, balconies have had a significant role in people’s lives, starting from the famous ones from the Roman Empire, to the Shakespearian one of Juliet, and the unique corner balcony of the Grandmasters’ Palace in Valletta. They have been the triggers of the most romantic stories and what made home, homie. This is a great time to work around some details and customise your balcony for the sake of your own tranquility, and maybe also for those cool Pinterest pictures. 

Tons of Plants

Plants are a go-to for spicing up your space, clearing up the air, and giving it authenticity. The greenery of your balcony brings with it a dose of relaxation, helping you reduce stress and calm down even in the most stressful situations.

Balcony full of plants

A diversity of plants such as Hibiscus, Mandevillas, Roses, Caladiums and even herbs will look absolutely amazing and will add liveliness to your environment, and a sense of privacy at the same time. Wall climbing plants are also cool, especially Parthenocissus Henryana, Winter Jasmin, Japanese Wisteria, and a variety of Roses, as well. 

Comfortable Furniture 

Apart from the greenery, furniture is what you want to get next. A simple table and a chair would do the trick in making your balcony look and feel cozy. They will turn it into a place where you can enjoy your morning coffee and peacefully plan your next travelling destination.

Balcony with swing chair, plants and garden lights

Build-in seating is also very trendy and convenient, especially if you don’t have a huge balcony and if you’re planning to minimise your expenses and not spend your kids’ university money on it. Next, to make the space even more inviting, combine it with some pillows. Loads of pillows! They will add colour and comfort to your environment. Another addition would be a hanging chair. This will make your balcony corner, your favorite reading spot, surrounded by books and possibly accompanied by a glass of wine in the evening. 

The Hygge Feeling of Lights

That fulfilling image of a summer evening when your loved ones are visiting, or when you’re simply enjoying some alone time in your balcony, is complete by adding some light, whether that means lamps, string lights, or even candles. They match particularly well with walls containing wood or walnut looking sidings, giving the space not only an attractive look, but also a warm and pleasing feeling. Nowadays, it is quite easy to light it up and still be environmentally friendly. There are LED solar-powered lights which consume relatively little energy and offer a large colour spectrum. Be careful to not place them too close to the plants though—they may damage them. You have to make sure however, that the string lights are placed as delicately as possible to not be seen during the day.  Candles are an easier choice and atmospheric, as well. They will give your balcony a calm and romanticising vibe.

Your private outdoor space is a representation of who you are, and where you spend your relaxing hours after a long working hour, so you should make the best of it. Turn it into a place that will make you and your friends never want to go inside. 

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