Modern Adaptations To Add Value To Your Home

Modern Adaptations To Add Value To Your Home

When renovating a property it can be easy to think of the more traditional adaptations such as a conservatory or an extension, but as our tastes evolve and the trends change looking at more modern ways to improve your home can ensure that when it comes to selling the property it is seen as a more desirable home to those who have the money to invest.

There are many steps that should be taken when making home improvements, but before you begin the process and choose something that may be seen as outdated to your buyers, look into the following options that have increased in popularity for modern homes.

Open Plan Living

Modern Adaptations To Add Value To Your Home

Creating a seamless living space in the home helps to add extra space and provides the feeling of complete relaxation. The mind no longer sees each room as a barrier to free thinking instead allowing the mind to unwind after a day in the office.

The many benefits of the large amounts of space created with open plan living, is the ability to add grand pieces of artwork or over-sized furniture without them completely dominating the rooms.

A variety of designs and styles flowing through the rooms can often be too busy or overbearing, so ensure that no matter which rooms are connecting, they flow well with a similar colour palette.

Eco-Friendly Features

Modern Adaptations To Add Value To Your Home - Eco Friendly Bathroom

As many people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint adding eco-friendly features can make it very alluring to those who prefer a cleaner style of living.

From expensive additions such as solar panels that can help to cut the cost of energy bills, to organic bathroom suites in recycled ceramics or bamboo, the range of green home additions is constantly increasing.

These features may often be quite costly to begin with, but they will add real value and stand out from the properties who are unable to offer these modern solutions to a green lifestyle.

Loft Conversion

Modern Adaptations To Add Value To Your Home - Loft Conversion

Taking inspiration from spacious London studios and the urban apartments of New York’s meat packing district, modern loft conversions are becoming the most popular form of home extension.

Not only is the planning permission not as restrictive, but you’re able to add space to your home without compromising the properties current aesthetics.

Once you understand who your potential buyers are, adapt the loft for their needs, is it the creative and career savvy Generation Y who need a home office, or a family who need as much space as possible?

Since the loft can suit any needs, no matter the interior design, you will have opened up a beautiful space that can be utilised for any need.

Adding Light

We thrive off natural light and it has a massive impact on our moods. The same can be said for how we perceive space. When there is a lack of light a room can feel small and dark, and instantly make us want to hide-away from the world. Increasing the light in all the living spaces in your home will give them a face lift and evoke a sense of freedom.

From floor to ceiling windows in the living room, or Velux windows in dark stairways, the natural light will make your home feel more open and welcoming.

These modern adaptations will not only provide you with more comfortable living, but enable you to sell your property for a profit when you decide to move up the ladder.

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